Bay Area International Deaf Dance Festival 2016 (Highlight)

Antoine Hunter, African American Deaf Dancer to host International Deaf Dance festival 1st time in America and Maybe internationally. I just wanted to humbly share with the Dance world about Deaf dancer from all over the world. I don't call myself world great dancer but I do feel great when I dance. When the world say Deaf can't dance- I want to show them how many Deaf dancer i know from all over the world who can dance.. here a highlight... Posted Aug 18, 2016 (Repost Aug 27, 2016) (((Highlight))) Welcome to 4th annual of... The Bay Area International Deaf Dance Festival 2016!! The 2016 Bay Area Deaf International Dance Festival (BAIDDF) will celebrate the creative talents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing performing and fine artists in the disciplines of dance, music, painting, and handcrafted artisan wares. It will include workshops in Deaf Leadership Development within the arts and will showcase the exciting results of collaborations between hearing and Deaf artists. Deaf Celebrities: CJ Jones with Bob Hiltermann, Fred Beam, Antoine Hunter, This festival presents Deaf dance companies from London, Turkey, Costa Rica, Mexico, DC, San Francisco and more. This amazing and rare kind festival that doesn't happen anywhere else. In addition to performances, the festival will bring in Belly Dance, Jazz dance , Hip-Hop dance, Ballet, ASL DANCE, and more different types of dance taught by International, Domestic and Local Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Hearing artists who sign fluently from their own culture. Where: Dance Mission Theater 3316 24th Street San Francisco, Ca 94110 (415) 863-9824 stay tune for the 5th Year of Bay Area International Deaf dance festival in SF, CA bigger than ever Aug 11-13 Be ready!!! We already have more dance company than ever!!

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