Paradiddle Rhythms with Derek Roland

Derek Roland, a tap instructor at NYC’s STEPS on Broadway, emphasizes the importance of rhythm in tap by breaking down a basic step—the paradiddle—into four different rhythms.

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#2 long winded :)
Just wanted to know if you guys have any advice as far as getting a job. I have an extremely proffesional portfolio with lots and lots of headshots, programs, choreography history, and all of my company's shows which I produced. More of my work is on youtube. I studied engineering and Math in college, so my "brand" of contemporary and HipHop are my own creation... I wanted to make a style of dance that any body type looked good performing :) I like girls who can work the booty.
#1 moving to NY
I figure this is a pretty great forum to discuss this. I am the Director/Choroegrapher of XF Company of Dance, and I have been teaching professionally for the past five years in Richmond, VA. This fall I will be moving to NYC with my husband. In August I will be in the city with my assistant, Kelsey Donner. She and I will be taking LOTS of classes at Steps and BDC... and I will be bringing my portfolio to interview for a teaching job. I am better than most ;) mischief. mayhem. hiphop. -XF
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