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Added: December 22, 2008
Event: Dance Spirit Video of the Month
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Keywords: turns pirouettes a la secondes jazz ballet lyrical modern alyssa dance luvdance1311 !!!!! =D
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#3 awesome.
when you do you a la secondes try not to swoop your leg so much. But otherwise you have great center and your arms are wonderful.
#2 good
you have great control and a great center!!!! just work on having a better arch in your foot....
OKayy I'm just gunna list what you need to work on: 1.straighten your working leg and the actual leg in ala sicon in your fouettes 2.try to point your feet more(: 3.try to not "arch" your back because thats bringing you off of your leg causing you to fall 4.dont let your heel fall when you are doing your turns Otherwise,You are a really good dancer
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