Woman's Work choreographed by Danielle Larkin

A short piece choreographed by Danielle Larkin on some of our senior dancers in the Larkin Dance Company for our 2016 Competition Season.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2016
Category: Performance
Keywords: contemporary jazz lyrical dance technique
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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 161
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#28 Women's Work
#27 Woman's Work
Danielle has the talent to move me to tears with her beautiful lyrical dances. She always captures so much feeling, while creating such beautiful choreography. Another stunning piece and what beautiful dancers.
Visually stunning and artistically choreographed! Danielle is brilliant!
#25 Woman's Work
#24 Women's Work
Truly an incredible piece!

#23 Woman's Work
What a beautifully moving dance. And what an amazingly talented group of girls to bring it to life.
#22 Woman's Work
Great job Danielle!
#21 Woman's Work
Amazing Work!!
#20 Women's Work
Beautiful work Danielle!!
#19 Woman's Work
Another beautiful dance by Danielle! Congrats!!

#18 Go Danielle!
This makes me smile :) so special
#17 Stunning
Danielle, I am always so excited to see what you create, because your work always moves me. This piece is a special achievement. Just beautiful!
#16 Woman's Work
Congrats Danielle! You are an amazing talent. ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ
#15 Danielle Larkin
#1 in the game!!!
#14 Danielle Larkin
#1 in the game!!!

#13 Wow!!
Amazing job as always Danielle. This piece is beautiful!
#12 StudioLDance
Absolutely Breathtaking!!! Great Job!! Congrats
#11 Women's work
Beautiful!!! Congrats Danielle!!!
#10 Womanยดs Work!
Beautiful dance girls! Great job, Danielle!
#9 Woman's Work
Love you, Danielle!! Congratulations. To my fellow dancers..great job. you are all amazing!! xoxoxo

#8 Woman's Work
beautiful!! Congratulations, Danielle!!
#7 Congratulation! Woman's Work
Congratulations Danielle, you are amazing. Awesome job ladies ๐Ÿ˜Š
#6 Flawless
Absolutely beautiful! What a gift you have!!!
#5 Breathtaking!
Danielle, you are such a talent and inspiration. Congratulations on being acknowledged for your choreography! Well deserved!! Perez Family
#4 Woman's Work
Danielle, love this number.I look forward to your imagination and creativity every season. So proud of you. Dazza...

#3 Dance
Beautiful choreography! Beautiful dancers! Amazing talent!
#2 Perfection!
Phenomenal dancers and superb choreography!
#1 Woman's Work
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