Choreography: Sabrina Phillip Music: Vaults (and Alt J) Dancers: Mark Mundy, Taeok Lee, Lenin Fernandez, Jace Zeimantz Sierra Puett, Addie Nelson, Kelle Meschede, Kat Cheng Assistant to the Choreographer: Abby Lett Directed/Filmed by Kim Gouveia "I take his space and make it my own, move him around my presence, I integrate myself, gradually take control, I move, he moves, I dance, he dances... every action with its counterpart, an island becoming one with the sea" -Lauren Stead

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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 29
145 points


#9 Gorgeous!!!!
You've outdone yourself again!!!!! Amazing job to Sabrina and all the hardworking dancers!!!
#8 Omg
Absolutely stunning work that deserves to be shared and witnessed ! So creative; can't stop watching!
#7 Merging
Sabrina's work is incredible! So creative,unique and beautiful! She deserves to be in the finals for ace awards!!!!
#6 Thank You
#5 😍
Wow! Kat Cheng, you are INCREDIBLE!! Wonderful work, Sabrina!

#4 Great Piece!!!
I love this piece!! Great Musicality and timing! The shapes and transitions were so cool!! I love all of Sabrina's work!
#3 Wow
Beautiful moves
#2 Wow!
Continually impressed by Sabrina Phillip. And excellent performance by the dancers.
#1 Killing the game
Amazing work !!
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