A Quite Darkness | Tawnya Kuzia

Facing grief as a constant entity. Choreography by Tawnya Kuzia

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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 39
195 points


#9 Mind Blowing
Watching it live gives you goosebumps!! Such a captivating and mind-blowing piece! Love it!!!
#8 Amazing!
The choreography is amazing!!
#7 Incredibly beautiful choreography
The camera can't capture just how incredible this dance really is. If you think it's amazing in this video, you should see it live. Gave me chills and took my breath away.
#6 Heartbreakingly beautiful and moving!
The choreography and the performance is amazing!
#5 So creative!
Everything this woman does is exquisite. This piece is no different.

#4 Clever use of light and motion
I love how the Collective team uses light and motion to highlight a powerful message. I saw this live as well - incredible.
#3 Amazing!
#2 Saw this live!
It is amazing!!
#1 Saw this live!
It is amazing!!
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