Blood Rush-Excerpt from "Drum", Choreography by Ma Cong

This is one of the section from "Blood Rush" called "Blood cells in drum", from Ma Cong's recent new creation, a world premiere "Blood Rush" for Tulsa Ballet's "About Tango" production 2008. Performed by Alexandra Bergman, Karina Gonzalez, Ashley Blade- Martin, Kate Oderkirk and Soo Youn Cho. Costume Design by Jo Wimer, and Lighting design by Les Dickert.

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Event: Pointe Video of the Month
Category: Ballet
Keywords: ma cong, blood rush, tango, pointe, tutus. choreographer, tulsa ballet
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#3 wow
wow i'm speechless amazing
#2 sweet!
i love this dance! i wish i was that good!
#1 amazing
I love your music were did you get it from please let me know and love the choregraphy as well as the style and having the hair down.
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