Shannon Robbins- white swan

thank you for watching!

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Event: 2009 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
Category: Ballet
Keywords: Shannon Robbins
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#11 nice job
I know the floor is loud, but that's not your fault. Keep on going!
#10 Keep up the good work.
You have a lot of strength. I think that with motivation and dedication, you could really turn your dancing into a beautiful artform. I hope you have the teachers and training to support your strength and talent so that you can avoid bad habits that will keep you from progressing. Don't be afraid of or impatient with the process of developing disciplined lines and proper placement. While it will seem you are sacrificing the height of your extensions at first, you will actually get better.
#9 icantbelieveididthis
god shannon i was so lazy but since you really want this i guess i had to have the streghth to do this for....oh and good job on the dancing -zak
#8 floor
her shoes are loud prbly cause its a Northeast atlanta ballet Has a hallow floor... better for ballet dancing... =)
601 views ..woot woot !!

#6 idk
your shoes are really LOUD! but ur a good dancer
#5 WTG!
Break an eyelash :)~
#4 good luck!
good luck shay!
#3 shannonn
wow! great! i love it! You should be winner! love W.Bag
#2 badass
hey its viv from tms. thats amazing!

#1 hey shay =]
great job!
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