Variation from Sleeping Beauty

Generosity Fairy variation

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#5 i feel your pain
this is such a hard variation for your feet! it takes a lot of strength, and you pull it off beautifully. i know how hard this is because i'm performing it in june. hopefully i'll do as well as you did!
#4 Good,
nice job! just make sure your hops on pointe are FULLY ON POINTE!!! otherwise, pretty good!
#3 Cool!
Nice work! It was fun to watch! Wonderful!
#2 really good!
it was very lovely adn you are extremely graceful. the only thing i would work on is, when coming down from releve on one foot, make sure you roll through the entire foot, instead of just kind of coming down like you did at the end. But the balances were amazing!!!!!!!
you did really good. good job. i like the outfit its really pretty.
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