I Was Sane | Andrew Mulet Choreography

it was a love that startled her, consumed her. it was a love that startled him, confused him. she came from certainty, he from obscurity. like light to the night, she to him. yet it was a light he had not known how to requite. he brought her to a fro, and finally in this chasm of wonder. and this chasm, this fickle love pilfered her light. he left crystalline. he left her clouded. danced by: Shelby Nunn, Zelig Williams, Leah Faircloth, Aimee Smyke, Sydney Mesher, Sophia Hall, Anna-Jane Picucci, Rachel Billings, and Kathleen Laituri

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Overall rating: 4.9
Votes: 60
296 points


#13 Bravo Andrew Mulet!
Amazing Andrew!! Bravo!!!
#12 Andrew Mulet you rock!
Andrew this is stunning! Your work is something special :D
#11 I Was Sane
Beautiful choreography. Beautiful dancers. Perfect collaboration.
#10 Andrew Mullet I Was Sane
Insanely good! Beautiful piece... Congratulations!!!
#9 I was sane
great routine with perfect execution. Choreography. Beautiful job Aimee and company.

#8 Beautiful
This is so stunning Andrew. I'm so freaking proud of you!
#7 Andrew Mulet
stunning choreography and beautifully performed!
#6 :)
Beautiful in every way !
#5 Poignantly Moving
moving piece - well choreographed to fell the intention of the music
#4 Andrew Mulet
Amazing choreography and story telling by the dancers. Incredible vision and execution. Completely touched! LOVE

#3 Andrew Mulet
Fabulous choreography and dancing! By 1mimi
#2 Andrew Mulet
Fabulous choreography!
#1 Andrew
This dance has phenomenal choreography!!!
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