Gen Y | Thomas Ford

Gen Y | A satirical rendering of the public's perceptions of millennials. Widely demeaned; widely misunderstood. Choreographer: Thomas Ford

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2016
Category: General
Keywords: Thomas Ford Dance Capezio ACE Art
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Overall rating: 4.9
Votes: 100
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#40 Gifted
Thomas Ford is a true story teller. He is gifted and the kids adore him <3
#39 Gen Y
<3 LOVE LOVE LOVE this piece and Thomas is such a wonderful choreographer!! NICE JOB <3
This dance is AMAZING... Thomas Ford is BRILLIANT!!!!
#37 Favorite!
So in love with this! Would love to see what he would create for the Ace Awards!
#36 GenY
Oh my goodness, I LOVE this! Great work!

#35 Gen Y
Wow, wow, wow. What a creative and cool piece.
#34 GenY
LOVE this piece! Thomas is such a brilliant choreographer and all of our students (and parents) love working with him!
#33 Incredible!
Brilliant. To say that I love this is an understatement. Thank you for sharing. Please continue to always. Much love!
#32 GEN Y
LOVE this! Thomas is such a huge inspiration to me when he comes to my studio to do choreography. <3
#31 Gen Y
Saw this in person at 24/7 and everyone from my studio was blown away! This video doesn't even do justice to this piece! Just another one of Thomas Ford's brilliant and entertaining creations.

#30 Gen Y
Incredible choreography and storyline! I love the staging!
#29 overrated
Thomas is not a nice guy and I won't give him any recognition. He berates kids every day. If you like your kid being yelled at then he's your man...and I use that term loosely.
#28 Gen Y
Slick and Innovative!
#27 Freakin Awesome
Thomas I loved it well put together and the girls look awesome performing it. Keep up the great work. Proud of you. Aunt Dar!
#26 Gen Y
Thomas Ford's choreography is beyond brilliant. His ability to tell a story and emotionally engage an audience is outstanding.

#25 Gen Y
Great concept and choreography
#24 Gen Y
Loved it!
#23 Gen Y
Amazing choreography!!!
#22 Great choreography
That's my boy!
#21 Awesome dance
Love it!

#20 Awesome
The choreography was excellent! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
#19 Gen Y
AMAZING PIECE T! Loved everything about it - J-Team Proud!!
#18 Gen Y
Awesome job!!! Your other dance mom. Kim G.
#17 Gen Y
An amazing and brilliant storyteller! Love how it all comes to life with your dancers! Thank you for sharing your gift. Congrats dude!! #proudmom
#16 Gen Y
Another amazing piece by the talented Thomas Ford!

#15 Great choreography
Loved it!!
#14 GEN Y
Awesome dance ,genius one of his master piece. Thanks.
#13 Love!
Thomas Ford is brilliant!
#12 Gen Y
Amazing choreography by the one and only Thomas Ford !
#11 Gen Y
As always….Amazing!!!

#10 Gen Y
Brilliant piece by the amazing Thimas Ford!!
#9 Gen Y.
Brilliant piece of work as always.
Thomas Ford is a true storyteller. He is a gifted, innovative and creative genius. The students adore him.
#7 Gen Y
Thank you for sharing your artistry and brilliance with my dancer! Congratulations Thomas!
#6 Pure Brilliance
A true work of art...your creativity and storytelling rule! So blessed to receive the amazing gifts Thomas shares with our dancers as mentor, teacher, friend. 💗

#5 Gen Y
So proud to call this choreographer my friend! Congrats Thomas! Stay brilliant!
#4 Gen Y
❤️ Brilliant Concept and Choreography! Love this piece by Thomas Ford #1❤️
#3 Gen Y Thomas Ford
Another insanely brilliant piece by Thomas Ford #1 ❤️
#2 Awesome piece
Awesome piece of choreography
#1 Gen Y
Brilliant work!
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