FIGHT- Choreography by Ellenore Scott

"Fight" follows the story of a couple torn apart by their emotions. As we see the couple repeatedly argue over the same subject, we get an introspective look at how their emotions manipulate them. Humans are emotional beings, and sometimes we feel as though we are at the mercy of those emotions (anger, sadness, depression) and can't get out. The story concludes with the couple deciding through thought and reason to end the relationship, blowing the emotions away from their decision making. Huge thanks to my amazing dancers from the Alvin Ailey Certificate Program! xoxo

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Very nice work!! I LOVE the use use of levels and the fluidity of the movement - specifically getting into the lifts. EXCELLENT =)
#2 Fight- by Ellenore Scott
Great choreography!!! Loved it and the dancers!!! :)
This looks soooo sick!!!!!
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