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im 32 years old and my whole life has been classical ballet..ive been retired due to injury for 10 years now, 3 years ago i opened a private academy and began the thing that in one way was taken from me and then given back in 50 of the most talented dedicated and wonderful students..after 3 years bodies and minds that were not ready are now prepared to excel...at the young ages of 12-15 they are already guest teaching and performing at workshops and colleges ...i teach a combination of all 5 schools of ballet as the backbone of the method in which i spend all but 5 hours a day scientifically and professionally creating and designing. this will be a great source of debate and a fight that i will win.....the arts of dance separate are in a class war for who is more the "dancer", is lyrical real or should it be called contemporary?....the answer is "one for all and all for one"....U.M.T.,universal movement theory with the technical structure and scientific backing thru the anatomy of movement...IS the way to cross train any dancer to work in both spectrum s of professional work...peace and love butterflies

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#1 beautiful!
who are u and where did you come from! and is that ben harper? I like this U.M.T. theory I look frowrd to speaking with you! Sending Love Brandi... killer_b@insectmind.com
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