Wonderful World

Life is a wonderful thing. Choreography: Rebecca Zizek Dancers: Yuki Akogi, Lilly Giroux, Meaghan Houghton, Angelina Leofanti, Dedra McDermott, Sam Raymond, Rachel Ross, Bianca Trulli, Karly Zizek

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2016
Category: General
Keywords: rebecca zizek
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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 72
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#30 Love
so much joy!
Did NOT want this to end! Absolutely breathtaking! So pure and unique. Would love to see more!! Definitely stands out in what is currently a very "dark" world of contemporary dancing. Well done!
#28 Wonderful World
Beautiful to watch. Well done everyone. G&G
#27 breathtaking
simply breathtaking - didn't want it to end!
#26 Outstanding
This piece is honestly amazing.I love the way that throughout this song you use the dynamics and musicality beautifully! Your choreography is unique and very captivating. Gorgeous!

#25 Woah.
Honestly love everything about this. As a dancer I'm told to use my dynamics and musicality, this piece perfectly demonstrates what those two words mean.
#24 Wonderful musicality
The use of the musicality paints a stunning picture. Very refreshing to see contemporary work that is uplifting.
#23 Captivating
This is a captivating piece of art which combines modern style with a classic favourite.
#22 Amazing!
Rebecca is one of the most inspiring choreographers I know. Her work is nothing short of amazing... All the time. She is unique, creative, and incredibly passionate. I feel privileged to know her, and be inspired by her.
#21 Wonderful world
You did an amazing job in composing a piece in which expertly depicts a modern take on a classic song!

#20 Beautiful
So proud to have such a talented choreographer working with my daughters! A really beautiful piece 🙂🌎☀️
#19 stunning
Captivating, interesting, unique and so musical. A beautiful exquisite piece!
#18 Wonderful World
This piece is stunning just like everything Rebecca choreographs. The flow and the passion behind every movement is beautiful and breathtaking. Such a great group. Love it!
#17 good job
I enjoyed the overall feel from this dance number. I liked the costume and hair and how it brought out the 1940s era. Overall I enjoyed the dance and everything within the video! Good Job!
#16 Spellbinding
The contrast, yet fluidity, between the classic music and contemporary movement is spellbinding--an incredible piece of choreography, Rebecca.

#15 All smiles!
Such a beautifully uplifting and fulfilling piece of work. The movement and concept are both so innovative, unlike any other piece I have ever seen - which is what makes Rebecca such a gifted and inspiring choreographer. Speechless as always, Rebecca.
#14 Wonderful work!
Wonderful and beautiful piece! You have an amazing gift for form and movement. You constantly inspire us with your creativity and passion!!
#13 Wonderful World
Awesome dance - makes me happy!!
#12 Wonderful World
Beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing.
#11 So amazing
This piece is amazing. I would never get bored of your choreography Rebecca, it is always so captivating. I watched it 5 times I love it so much. So beautiful!

#10 Wonderful World
Inspiring, innovative, and beautiful... As always!! Love seeing your choreo again, it has so much joy in it! Congrats to you and all the dancers on such a special piece.
#9 Wonderful World!
This dance is nothing less then exceptional. Everything about this piece flows effortlessly together making it stunning to watch. I could watch this piece over and over again. Amazing Job!
#8 Wow
What an amazing piece, I can never get tired of watching your choreography Rebecca. This is absolutely captivating and inspiring. Great job and thank you for sharing this brilliant piece.
#7 Wonderful World
The dancers musicality is fantastic! I can also appreciate the personality/role of everyone and follow the story. As usual, amazing work Rebecca, you are the best!
#6 A wonderful world indeed
Once again a beautiful piece Rebecca. You bring life to your work each time and captivate your audience from the very beginning. In such a crazy busy world people often forget to stop and realize that life is wonderful when you take a moment to appreciate it. Your work does that ... thank you for sharing this moment.

#5 Wonderful Dance!!!
I loved the feeling of this dance so much. A wonderful, fresh approach to an old favourite song. Love the choreography!!!!!
It is so wonderful to see a dance full of life and exuberance. A change from a sea of deep, dark choreography. Congratulations, Rebecca on achieving briliance in a piece that provokes happiness and love, your talent holds no bounds. Love to you and all the dancers xo
Rebecca without fail puts her best work out there every time. She takes concepts and makes them a reality. This piece is no exception! Well done, Rebecca and well done to this talented group of young women.
#2 Amazing!!
Rebecca is the best. Amazing work!!!
#1 Brilliant
Rebecca is the most talented choreographer I know. She is incredibly brilliant and versatile. She constantly surprises those around her with new ideas and concepts. She is an inspiration to her students and co-workers. We love you Rebecca!
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