Forever, a concept piece choreographed by Leah Silva and danced by Reverb Tap Company. Filmed by Ron Silva Reverb Tap Company Dancers: Leah Silva, Hannah Wilson, Kelly Zwolinski, Alexis Juliano, Valerie Rockey https://youtu.be/ucGyBEy75vE Whether your light is God, religion, spirituality, friendship, companionship and or family- we all experience being a light amongst the darkness in this world. In this piece, the darkness is the experience of losing a loved one, either emotionally or physically and the emotions that come with the experience. We must always seek out the light that is always within the darkness, no matter how hard it is to find at times. Dedicated to former Reverb Tap Company member Shay Simons and her beautiful mother Tami Simons, the Simons Family, and to all those we have loved and had to say goodbye to.

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#10 Lovely Video
You can feel what this group is trying to convey all while doing tap in a different/amazing way.
#9 Beautiful
I love this dance!
#8 Incredible job
Yes ladies! Nice work..... I love it all.... everything from the mood to steps.
#7 forever video
You can see the emotion in this. Makes me want to put back on my shoes after years of not tapping :(
#6 voted
nice to see tap done this way

#5 love this
Love this
#4 Beautifully Executed
Where are these dancers from? I love this unique tap piece. Nice to see tap dance in a slower pace with beautiful arm movements.
#3 Amazing
This video is purely amazing! The rhythms, syncopation, formations, all of it- so touching. Loved how they fused tap with contemporary moves. I cried, great job!
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#1 forever
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