Bleeding Love Duet

Jesse Owens and Arielle Vollenweider Choreographed by Jesse Owens Song: Bleeding Love - Jesse McCartney

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Event: Dance Spirit Video of the Month
Category: Performance
Keywords: bleeding love, jesse owens, arielle vollenweider, duet, jesse mccartney
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Overall rating: 4.6
Votes: 17
78 points


I'd love to see this dance without the busy artwork in the background.
#18 Good Job!!!
My Favorite!!!!!
#17 interesting
i agree...a few too amny tricks...but it looked great!
#16 good
this was good. i just felt that it was a little over-choreographed. the whole dance looked the same and had no build anywhere. there is such a thing as too many tricks. obviously this was for competition though so i hope you won!
#15 The new Katee and Joshua!
You guys remind me a lot of Katee and Joahua on So You Think You Can. You guys are both strong dancers. Great job!

#14 wowzah
dude your fabulous!!! chick your good too but not as good you guys stayed in sync soooo welll but FACE FACE FACE FACE! its important not to dance while it looks like your reading a boring book! but you guys are the most amazing partners!!!!
#13 i love this
I really like this dance, They stay in sync and they look perfect together! yay!
#12 Whoa
I LOVED IT!!! Sooo nice. Nice legs girl!
#11 bleeding love...for this dance!!!
absolutly amazing! very good interpretation of the song:) keep it up!
#10 :)
i love this!

#9 awesomnesss!
this was rllyyyy guud! great job!
#8 Very very very very good!
The boy, Jesse Owens, was like AH-MAZING! His dance style reminds me of Danny Tidwell. You really should audition for So You Think You Can Dance. Because I'm pretty sure everyone at Dance Media KNOWS you can dance! And your a la second turns together were magnificent! Great chemistry!
#7 WOW
Great choreography! You both stayed insync the entire dance. Boy you are AMAZING!!! Girl you kept up with the choreography but you could improve in flexibility and performance. You didn't seem to put your heart and soul into the performance. Great job guys!!!
#6 good but not great
you are both spectacular dancers, and you were certainly very in sync with each other. i could tell you could feel how the other was moving, even your fuetes were perfectly in tune. however, you need to dance with your -whole-body and that includes your facial expressions. your bodies said "i love this person" but your faces said "i am totally on auto pilot right now and quite possibly very bored". things like that are what make dances really great--it's silly to let such an easy thing stand in the way of your obvious talents and hard work.
#5 Amazing!
Your guys rock! The turns were wonderful!

#4 =]
yayyyyy SSDs!! <33
#3 Good...
It was very good, but there needs to be more unity on the parts where you guys do the same moves together. Your timing is off. Also, there needs to be more emotion on your faces. Now that I'm done critiqing you...GREAT JOB!!! YOU BOTH ARE VERY BEAUTIFUL DANCERS. And from the sound of the crowd...you have quite a fan club! =)
#2 =)
Beautiful performance!!
#1 Wow!
You guys are AMAZING!!!
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