Y croire (To believe in)

Solo choreographed by Sabrina Lonis. I dance on a text that I wrote called Y Croire ("to believe in" in english - the translation is below). With this solo I won first over all with congratulations of the jurys at a regional competition in France and had acess to national which will take place in may. I would love to change the world... Does it sound ambitious to you as a project? Yes, maybe, but I believe in it... 'Cause when you believe, you're already halfway there. But... there is always someone to tell you "Hey stop now, you're too young, too old, too tiny or not...not realistic enough" You might have heard those words before or maybe you said them, but anyway, we risk as much believing too much, as not believing enough... So you believe, you believe what you want to believe in! They say what makes believe in strength increase it! So, I'm sorry, but between you and me, it's me who believe for now! Because I have learned that in the night you need to believe in the sun, a warm dancing sun ...dancing... Dance?! I believe in that too! I believe in the music which plays, in dancing bodies , in scary beginnings, in sad endings because they are the ends , in what exists between the two, in falls that rise us toward the top, in the verb learn, in the verb understand, in pink, in yellow, in blue, in rainbow colours, in emotions, in shiny eyes, in infinity, in you, in me, in him, in her, in them, in endless night, in days which didn't start yet, in the smell of possibilities in the morning, in world's tour, in the sound of the music which take me away, which take us away, in discovery, in art, in our art, in dance, I believe. But anyway, isn't it what us human do best, to believe ?!

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#1 Sound
I don't understand why there is no sound on this video, so I upload it once again on my profile because this choreography is a whole and takes its meaning trought the sound of my voice. I hope you will check the video with the sound. Enjoy!! :)
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