MYB perform at MMAC

Manhattan Youth Ballet performs at Manhattan Movement and Arts Center.

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#22 congratulation
#21 MYB
This is absolutely stunning... Congratulations! I miss the school so much... best of luck to you guys and keep up the great work!!
Congratulations on presenting absolutely beautiful clips. I would love for any of these students to consider Mercyhurst College as an option for continuing their training in a rigorous pre-professional collegiate program. Keep up the good work.
#19 myb
very professional well done!
#18 MYB
I love it, it's simply danse...i think it's a perfect school as the old real school...

#17 MYB
Saw the live performance absolutely loved it and love watching it again.
#16 myb
#15 MYB
#14 MYB Performance
#13 MYB Perform at MMAC
What a beautiful clip. Great!

#12 MYB
Clearly, a talented group of well trained and artistic dancers. Well done!
#11 MYB
It's beautiful!Thank you!
#10 MYB Performance
5 is a comment in itself...
#9 MYB performance
A very elegant and charming moment. Thnk you.
#8 Great performance
I actually attended their performance in November at MMAC. It was very passionate and strong. Great dancers!

#7 Beautiful and original
The pas de deux is original and beautiful. The famous pas de quatre afterwards is definitely worth it.
#6 MYB Performace
Beautiful point work and epaulement.
#5 myb performance
exquisitely presented, i would have loved to be there!
#4 myb performance
Nice performance. I enjoyed it a lot.
#3 MYB
Awesome !! I liked the Pas de Deux, wish I could see it in its entirety. It seems like a very good school.

#2 MYB
Students look very professional, very well trained and will look for their next performance!! Imma
#1 MYB Performance
Professional and stunning performance. Beautifully done, cannot wait for next performance
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