Self Vs Soul-Choreographed by Courtni Poe

My name is Courtni Poe. I am 18 years old and I am a emerging choreographer born and raised in Nashville,TN. In 2015, I graduated from Nashville School of the Arts. My senior year, I created a 75 minute show based off of influential works of visual art and called it "The Gallery". With all of my choreographic experience, I began a new project entitled, Self Vs. Soul. Self Vs Soul is an ongoing dance film and choreographic series about the consistent argument I have within myself everyday emotionally. It takes on a full visual of my soul inside of me vs my outward appearance while being put in many situational occurrences. Each week we have released a video on Vimeo which you can find in search under "Self Vs Soul." We currently have 4 videos out and plan on releasing a total of 12 to tell a full story! I hope this can relate to you all as an audience ! Thanks for watching! The dancers in the first film are Sarah Allen and Savannah Vawter.

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