Stephanie Wolfe - If I Would Be Good

Stephanie Wolfe performs to If I Would Be Good at the 2008 Showbiz Talent National Dance Competition in the Teen Diamond Division in Palm Springs, California. This dance was choreographed by Kym De Los Reyes. Stephanie is 15 years old and has been training since the age of three. She dances at Temecula Dance Company.

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Overall rating: 4.8
Votes: 329
1,587 points


#56 wow
this dance i could watch over and over agian and never get sick of it!
#55 wow!
this is really beautiful... she kind of looks like megan kinney! : ) mary
#54 ?
What kind of dance is this? Is this even ballet?
#53 Great!
That was so pretty and fluid! Great job!
#52 woderful
u are amazing dancer !!!!!!!! p.s. keep on dancing girl

#51 Beautiful!!!
That was soo beautiful!! I loved it!!!
#50 wow
your beautiful :)
#49 Wonderful
Very nicely done! Perfect!
#48 Stephie Bear!!
Seph!!! you are the most talented little cousin anyone could ever ask for!! Truly brilliant!! I love you to pieces Love, Cambria
#47 Fab for 15
You are already really good at 15 years old. Keep developing yourself as a dancer. You have a great future ahead of you in the dance world. Great job!

#46 Would be good?
You ARE good! I really like this piece.
#45 Keep Dancing
Keep dancing - you are a beautiful dancer. I really like this dance - it's different.
#44 WOW!!
You are a beautiful dancer and a wonderful young lady.
#43 Wow
Wow, Steph! All that hard work has really paid off! You are gorgeous. Good luck with the contest. We love you!
#42 Very Talented
Great job Stephanie! We will try to come and see you in person in Las Vegas!

#41 pretty dance
very pretty... work on your seconds make sure you're keeping your hips straight and keeping your leg level. Land in a definite 5th position too. overall very pretty
#40 Luv this girl
You make us proud!
#39 Cover Girl Material
Beautiful inside and out!
#38 Lovely
You have beautiful hands.
#37 stephanie michelle wolfe<3
wow... you are so incredibly graceful and just purely stunning to watch. you have come such a long way and truely have become an absolutely amazing dancer :)

#35 Love you Steph
Your such a beautiful dancer and we love watching you. Keep working hard and great things will come to you.
#34 Great Job Steph!!
That was awesome!! I am very proud of you. Great Job!!!
#33 yeaaahh
get it steph!
#32 We Love You!
All those years of dancing has really paid off! We are proud of you.

#31 awesome!!
she's amazing. really talented. i don't know anything about lyrical dance but... is it just me or do her movements, or maybe its the choreography, seem a little sharp sometimes?
#30 beautiful girl it.
#29 You go girl!
You look beautiful, dance beautiful and beautifully choreographed!
#28 I love this girl!!
You are an amazing dancer Steph and a very special person...I really hope you win!
#27 Steph-best friend!
your amazin!!! i love you!

#26 Pretty Great
I am proud that you are my sister. You will make it all the way to NYC!
#25 Stephanie
Great job! Way to go Steph!!
#24 WOW
I love this dance.:) your amazing. great job!
#23 so gorgeous
i love you :)
#22 oh my goodness!!!
wow. stephanie your so beautiful. your movement is so fluid and you have gorgeous feet. this dance is very inspiring. :) youll go far. i hope you win for sure<3

#21 Hi from Havasu
Hey Steph, you are a really good dancer! We hope you make it all the way.
Love you, Steffi girl. What a gorgeous neice I have. I can't believe how grown up you are. You have my vote for sure!
#19 Great Job
Stephanie, Great job!!! Nice to see once of our dance team members in a contest. We are very proud of you
#18 Go for it Stef
You are such a beautiful girl - we are very proud of you. Keep dancing!
#17 Wonderful!
Stephanie- you are a beautiful dancer! Kristen K.

#16 cool
!!!! :)
#15 You've got my vote
Hey Steph - I thought you were a tap dancer! This is amazing! What happened to your long hair? I love your new haircut.
#14 Beautiful!
Your mom and dad must be so proud! You have grown into such a beautiful young lady as well as a fantastic dancer. Best of luck.
#13 steph
girl you amaze me. :) youre so wonderful to watch
you rock little cuz!!!!

#11 STEFFI!!
you are really...BEAUTIFUL! haha steffi i love you! i really hope you win. see you in second, geometry buddy! :D
#10 Amazing!!
Great emotion!! You have a promising future!!
#9 Terrific job!!
You show such great emotion!! I really get the meaning of the choreography..excellent job!! beautiful girl!!!
#8 Great Job Steph
What a beautiful number, I loved it!!!! Kudos to both you and Kym.
#7 Wow!
Steph, you are such a natural! I love watching you dance. You express yourself so beautifully.

#6 <3
Oh My Gosh! This video in Amazing- You are so gorgeous & Such a Great dancer!
#5 Lovely... pretty and expressive, Stephanie! Great job!
#4 Love it!
Wow, Steph, you look really pretty. Great job!
#3 Great job, Steph.
I had never seen this solo. I love it. Great dancer - Stephanie / Great choreographer - Kym / Missing TDC - Chris :)
#2 stephanie wolfe
Excellent technique. Beautiful extension.

#1 Excellent
Nicely Done Stephanie!
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