Brooklyn-based multigraft ensemble LEIMAY returns to BAM after their 2013 sold-out season to present borders. Sound, light, voice and movement orbit, collide, fuse, and repel to create a hauntingly evocative landscape of bodies turned inside out. A sequel piece to the company's acclaimed BECOMING -corpus, borders sets stillness against high physicality, and visceral vocalizations against sonic harmonies. Forms dissolve through walls of light and mutable axes of space. Shige Moriya and Ximena Garnica transform the stage into a hanging valley of shadows and swelling interferences, as the audience becomes enveloped in a universe at the thresholds of itself. The world premiere of borders coincides with the release of a publication tracing LEIMAY’s creative process. About LEIMAY: Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya are the duo behind CAVE, the New York Butoh Festival, and the Williamsburg SOAK festival. Comprising photography, video art, installation, and dance—and often involving interdisciplinary collaborations and training projects, LEIMAY’s sculptural, video, and light installations and contemporary performances are rooted in the body, integrating instinct-grounded choreographies and mesmerizing environments. For more information, visit LEIMAY.org. Choreography: Ximena Garnica & the Ensemble Video Programming and Design: Shige Moriya Composer: Joe Diebes Vocal Direction: Ximena Garnica Ensemble: Masanori Asahara, Andrea Jones, Derek DiMartini, Lindsey Mandolini, Jeff Shortt, Emily Smith borders Process Book: Ximena Garnica, Lucy Kerr, Hiram Pines. Producer: LEIMAY Production Team: Raul Zbengheci & Denise Shu Mei

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