"Fix You"- clogging

This piece is a clogging routine that challenges your perception of what clogging is. It was written to Cold Play's "Fix You" to do describe the frustration of cloggers trying to gain respect as a dance form, but feeling like all their efforts are falling short and feeling alone and isolated from the rest of the dance world. The routine is comprised of intracite, advanced footwork along with contemporary arm movements. Special attention was placed on the sound of the footwork in relationship to the song, as well as the dancers being perfectly in sync with one another.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2016
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Keywords: TNC Elite - small team clogging
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Overall rating: 4.9
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#38 Fix You
What an AWESOME job, I could watch this over and over. Good Luck!
#37 Fix You
Words cannot describe this Amazing talent!! I have had the opportunity to meet & watch these Awesome cloggers perform, & they are just incredible!! Best of Luck & Happy Clogging!!
#36 "Thank you" from TNC!
Thank you all for the kind comments and views! We are so appreciative of your support :) If you'd like to see more videos, please feel free to head over to our Facebook page ( and check them out! TNC ELITE
#35 WOW
The timing and execution is insane - so incredibly good. Would love to see more of this!
#34 Fix you
This is literally perfection! The choreography is unbelievable and every detail is exactly together. This is by far the best one I have watched.

#33 Fix You
Wow! What an amazing display of talent! Nailed it!
#32 Amazing
Wow! What an amazing display of talent! Nailed it!
#31 Fix You
Please give clogging the inclusion it deserves in the dance world! This was a fantastic #
#30 Fix you
You go girls. AWESOME dancing.
#29 Clog Dancing
I've never been introduced to clog dancing, but this makes me want to start! This group is extremely talented. Not what I expected to see when I think of clog dancing. Awesome job! This must have taken a lot of time to get so precise and clean. I will be sharing this video! #SimplyMesmerized

#28 Fix you clogging
What a team the choreography & the footwork is just amazing!!!!!!!! Good luck!!!!
#27 Fix you
So great!!!!!!!! Good luck! This is the best!
#26 Fix you clogging
The choreography and footwork is amazing!! Best by far! Good luck!!
#25 #24 Tina
Choreography is unreal. This dance is amazing. Good luck!!
#24 Fix you clogging
Awesome Amazing! This is the best by far! Good luck!!!

#23 Cynthia
Awesome Amazing! This is the best by far! Good luck!!!
#22 Fixyouclogging
This is amazing!!!! It's the best!
#21 #1 FixYou clogging
Amazing! This is the best by far! Good luck!!!
#20 Cloggers
May be the best and most unique I've seen at this dance form
#19 Amazing

#18 Amazing
Love seeing you all you just keep getting more amazing!!
#17 Fix you Clogging
Unbelievable technique and precision! WOW!!!
#16 Fix You
Always love when a routine consists of both incredible skill and emotional value. Such a strong dance with even stronger dancers! Love to see so many talented dancers come together in perfect unison with one another.
#15 Fix you
Awesome....could be the best I've ever seen
#14 Fix You Clogging
Awesome! Team and choreography is terrific!!!!! Best of luck!

#13 Fix You - TNC
Love & Support for TNC from California
#12 Fix you
They are so amazing!! They work very hard, hope they win
#11 Fix you
This is an amazing group! I watch their videos all of the time! Incredible! Winner winner winner! Love it! Go clogging!
#10 Fix You
#9 Fix You
Love this and it's meaning! Perfection!!!

#8 #1 FixYou Clogging
#7 Wow!
Flawless! This is just simply amazing!
#6 Fix You
This is the definition for perfection! Awesome routine!
#5 Nailed It
Choreography that is as intricate and uncluttered as this requires perfection - they nailed it.
#4 Fix you yes...

#3 Fix You
A-MAZ-ING! LOVE the energy and emotion conveyed! This is the winner for sure!
#2 Fix You
This was awesome! Footwork was great and all movements were perfectly synchronized.
#1 FixYou clogging
Awesome!!! What a team the choreography & the footwork is just amazing!!! Good Luck!!!
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