Father God by Kelsie Hendrix

Lyrical solo performed by Kelsie Hendrix of Dancers Edge at KAR in Fresno. 1st overall intermediate teen solo. Choreography by Rebekah Meinert.

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Event: Dance Spirit Future Star of the Month
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Overall rating: 4.5
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#32 it was very nice
good, great extensions. but yyou are verry skinny and it almost looks like you could break. you could use some meat. im not saying get fat, but you dont have a lot of body. you are however, an AMAZING dancer. ive seen show off too. i wish i could be oh so good. for twelve you are outstanding.
#31 great job
Another great dance!
#30 Re: borntodance23
This person was just giving their honest opinion. But,I think it could have been said in a nicer way or not even said at all. Good job! Intense emotions and spot on spins......keep up the good work.=)
#29 WOW
You are a really amazing dancer! I loved the dance it was really pretty. You are extremely flexible! I am quite you are amazing don't stop dancing.
#28 Great
Wow your getting really good. When you look at your dance from like ahwile ago you can see the improvement :) and she has a nice stomach and it's better to dance in something more open and free.

#27 costumes
Not all of her costumes show her stomach, but I don't see anything wrong with showing off a nice stomach.:)
#26 Good
Pretty Good but why do all your costumes have to show your stomach?
#25 WOW...
wow is all i can say
#24 talent
Really great job! I hope you like dancing cuase your doing a pretty damn good job :)
what if your hole life you here good job, amazing, OMG what would you get out of that? when i put on a video i want some criticsim that i can work on or change for the next year. Andit's not the person im talking about the person im talking about that dance

#22 TO Born2Dance23!!!
Why are you on here bashing EVERYONES dances? These are some of the best young dancers around! You are soooo jealous... Get a life. Your comments are a joke!
#21 well..
pretty good i guess it boring in the beginning but it gets better sorry to say but she looks akward
#20 amazing
kelsie, you inspire me and i dont even know you! lol. if u think about it you are ispiring young dancers. im not young im probably about your age... and i am advanced like you lol. just wow... im speechless lol. please keep dancing
#19 To Sharesaz
Ok. THIS IS HEART! Just be sure not to throw away some of the dance moves.
#18 omg
idk wat to say...........all i can say is FUTURE STAR!! that was jaw dropping!!!

#17 Great!
She is such an inspiration to me. To Kelsies mom tell her thank you for being a role model. Im almost 16 but she helped me learn that their is more to dance than getting up on stage and smiling. Thank you!
#16 HAHA
jelous much!!amazing extesons
#15 wow
your turns are wicked awesome
#14 Amazing as always!
Kelsie is so nice to watch! You can tell she has such a passion for dance. BEAUTIFUL GIRL!
#13 Wow!
Your dancing was great! I loved how tortured it looked and your extension is amazing.

#12 AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG Kelsie i have watched you on youtube at LEAST 500000 times!!!!!!!!! i love u! i want to be as good as you someday u are so good!!!!!!!
#11 WOW!!!
That attitude turn towards the end was absolutly AMAZING! Of course everything else was flawless!!! 5/5 Rating :)
#10 AHH! phenomenal<3
kelsie, you are an excellent dancer. continue dancing and i reallyy hope you win this contest girly:D
Keep dancing this good and keep leaving th dream
#8 WOW
That was really great. Love it!

#7 Love you!
I am so proud of you! You will always be my star!:)
#6 Totally Awesome
Love watching you. You have turned into a beautiful dancer
#5 amazinggg
i have watched a lot of her videos on youtube. she's really good=]
#4 This has to be the winner
Awesome. I love this dance. One of my favorites. Do I see a future star? You better belive it. Good job, Kelsie.
#3 amazing!
you are so talented! keep dancing! Glad you finally got first with this dance because you totally deserve it! I'm voting for you!

#2 from YourDanceChannel <3
Excellent routine! You are phenomenal :) I like the changes in choreography. I hope you win this contest <3
#1 OMG
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