Hi This is my Classical Pointe Solo for 2015. In the video I am 14 years old. I have been studying ballet since the age of 4. It has always been a dream of mine to one day be able to attend the Joffrey School of Ballet. I would be honoured to receive a 1 week scholarship to a ballet program at Joffrey.

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#21 My beautiful Angel
Cierrah I am very proud of everything you have accomplished in your life you are a very beautiful talented young lady that will go far in anything you decided to do. You are very focused and committed to everything you do weather it is school or dance you will be amazing. You have a bright future ahead.
#20 Inspiring!!!!!!
You look so beautiful, graceful and elegant! I wish you all the success in the world!
#19 Amazing!
Simply graceful! Cierrah you dance absolutely beautifully!
#18 amazing
Lovely dancer
#17 Amazing to watch!
Unbelievable! So graceful and shows she loves what she's doing!

#16 Baby girl
You make daddy proud!
#15 Superstar
"Strong, graceful, poised, athletic, beautiful inside and out! Cierrah you make me want to be a ballerina! I am very proud of you! All your hard work has made you an exceptional dancer and will continue to do so!! Xo Sandra
#14 Superb!
Outstanding solo! You are very talented with a bright future in dance. Keep up the superb work!
#13 Cierrah
At 14 years old it is amazing to see such wonderful skill and such passion from a young dancer. This was a joy to watch, keep up the amazing work!
#12 Mind-blowing!
After hearing such wonderful things about Cierrah's dancing and seeing this video, there is no doubt this girl is talented! Her passion for dance is very evident in her grace and form. I think she will go far in this industry!

#11 Lovely ballerina.
So enjoyable to watch. Love your beautiful smile and graceful dance. You are great.
#10 Ballerina
You can tell you love ballet!! You flow very beautiful across the floor. Your technique is spectacular. Keep on dancing!!!😀
#9 Wow
I really enjoyed watching you dance. That was amazing. You're a beautiful dancer.
#8 Cierrah
Spectacular! You are an amazing dancer!
#7 Gorgeous
you are a very eloquent ballerina!!!! Very graceful. You have amazing control and beautiful lines. Great job Cierrah

#6 Amazing Dancer
WOW!!!! Can not believe she is only 14!! So graceful at a young age. Wonderful technique!!!
#5 Pointe Solo Cierrah
So graceful and elegant, what a joy to watch and at 14! Wow
#4 Beautiful!
Absolutely beautiful!
#3 Fantastic
If cartoon bluebirds were real, a bunch of them would be sitting on your shoulders singing right now. Great work Cierrah
#2 gorgeous
What a beautiful dancer!!!! Beautiful lines and amazing technique!!!

#1 Cierrah
Amazing beautiful dancer!!!!
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