Bailey Moon "Mama"

Bailey Moon improvises to "Mama"

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Event: 2009 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
Category: General
Keywords: BaileyMoon Bailey Moon Mama Ballet Contemporary solo performance
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Overall rating: 4.4
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#7 Bailey
You are a finaminal dancer. Never stop dancing. You are too talented.
#6 w-o-w
holy-amazing! how old are you!? that was awesome. you make me jealous!
#5 Improv
Beautiful body. Where is the passion? Improv is not just legs and tricks. Use your emotion and the rest of your body. Thanks though.
#4 flexible
you are so flexible for a guy. you have amazing extensions and lots of control. you are really good!
#3 Sweet!!!
you were amazi-zing you have a shot at going all the way....past being a cover model winner

#2 Wow!
You are a truly amazing dancer! I am so impressed with your flexibility and your turns! Great job!
#1 OMG!!!
you were freakin amazing dude!! ur leaps and everythign from your turns, to extension, to the pointed tip of your feet were absolutely amazing!!! great control of extensions!! acnt wait to see u in the future!! way to go!!! :)
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