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My name is Taylor Steenson, and I am 16 (close to 17) years old. I have been dancing since the age of three at JCB Danceworks, with my own mother (Tonya Frederiks-Steenson) as one of the coaches guiding me to success. It was only at the age of eight that I knew I wanted to take my dancing to the next level and try to make a name for myself. With the help of my other two coaches, Nicole Barber-Lofto and Jacqueline Cook-Barber, I have achieved many things that I am very proud of. To list a few, I have made appearences on Canada's Got Talent, Breakfast Television, Rogers Daytime show, I have won a Bursary award at Celebration Of The Arts in York Region, because of this bursary recognition, I had the opportunity to perform at the Pan Am games in Markham. Also, this past dance season, I was fortunate to receive both first and second overall senior soloist with my two solos at competition, as well as the opportunity to re-perform in Fever International Dance Champions dance off as the top senior solo as well as walk in their parade of champions. Also at Fever, I received a scholarship to Conteur Summer Intensive Program directed by Eryn Waltman and Dani Matte, as well as a certificate of recognition from Michael J. Jackson himself for Seventh House Talent Agency. I have also been able to model for Costume catalogs such as Hamilton's Theatrical Supply, and Gabie's Boutique where my photographs have recently been released at the Toronto Canadian Dance Expo in their advertisements. All of these successes have brought me an immense amount of joy and push me to keep working hard, but I am entering a very bittersweet year of my last season as a competing dancer. I have always had an aspiring goal to take my dance modeling to the next step, and becoming a Cover Model for Dance Spirit magazine would be such an amazing gift to receive in my final year. I have a goal to continue dancing an auditioning and trying to make a name for myself, and just like anyone, I am simply chasing my dreams. Opportunities don't always come easy to me such as traveling to different cities such as New York to compete as it is very costly to my family. In conclusion, thank you for taking the time to read my description, and to watch a video of me doing something that makes me most happy -Taylor

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#19 :)
Ok so apparantly Taylors account is hooked up to her mothers account. i am a friend of family and went on her mothers account to view and comment and we both noticed that Taylors name comes up as the one who commented. lol Hmmmm? anyhow all that I said is so true.
#18 Wow!
This young lady has the "IT" factor!!
#17 Admirer
One can not help but just admire in awe at this performance. For the duration of the routine the viewer is thinking of nothing but the radiance from this performer. Bravo!
#16 Beautiful
Would love to see more of that talent
#15 Love watching Taylor dance!!
Such a beautiful dancer!! so enjoyed watching this video because of it!! hope you win!! Adriana

#14 Dance
Beautiful dancer.
#13 Amazing!
#12 Miss Steenson
#11 Taylor
this is the epitome of grace and beauty. What a lovely performance! I saw this in person and could watch it a thousand times and never get tired.
thank you everyone for your sweet words, your comments mean the world to me and I am so humbled xo

#9 Amazing dancer and equally amazing perso
Taylor is such a dedicated dancer and gives it her ALL. Beautiful girl and her whole family are SO proud of her and her achievements. Goooo Taylor xxxx
#8 Wow
Very beautiful.
#7 Can't get enough
I can watch Taylor over and over again and not get tired of it.
#6 A natural
What a lovely talent. Naturally beautiful.
#5 WOW!
Can keep even a non dancer hanging on every move. Beautiful to watch and no one seems to be enjoying them self more than this young lady

#4 Wow !!!
Incredible dancer... Her love for dance is shown in this video. I can't help but smile when I watch her. I am so proud of my talented, beautiful Niece.
#3 In love
You're such a amazing dancer, hope you win girl you deserve it! Beautiful girl
#2 beautiful dancer
Taylor is a brilliant and dedicated dancer
#1 Taylor Steenson and her dreams!
As Taylors mother and one her many dance coaches, I am always so proud of her accomplishments. To achieve this "Dance Spirit Cover Model Search" would not only be added to her achievements it would I believe one of the biggest highlights of her dance career. As Taylors mother I always pray that she be happy , healthy and follow her dreams. Dreams are what life is made on. As I read her above bio....a tears came to my baby is in her senior year of dance....and I love the fact that she still dreams. dreams come true!!
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