Tessa Moore, 15, dancing a competition lyrical solo to "Blackbird". Choreographer, DebbiJo Utter of Dance Concept in Fort Worth, TX.

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Event: 2009 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
Category: Performance
Keywords: Tessa Moore blackbird ballet contemporary lyrical performance
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Overall rating: 4.3
Votes: 59
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#23 OMG!
you are absolutely gorgeous! it's amazing to see a dancer like you who actually portrays passion instead of just doing steps. You are so natural... you dance like you breathe. amazinggg!! : ) mary
#22 Great!!
This dance is pretty
#21 Lovely :)
This choreography is so pretty, just like your dancing!
#20 great
you are amazing u have wonderful lines and they are always clean everytime u dance. i hope 2 see more videos of u some day great job.
#19 wow
you blew me away great i loved to see it!!!!!love

#18 beautiful
pretty dancing! lovely feet
#17 Good Job!
you are an amazing dancer. keep up the good work!
#16 Lovely
Nice job. I also think that is very respectful of you to mention your teacher and studio. Good for you to recognize those who have gotten you here. It is obvious that you have been trained well. I wish you the best!
#15 FEET
Beautiful, beautifl feet! Just be more grounded when dancing. You will go far...keep up the ballet.
#14 Great Job!!
You're a great dancer; keep up the good work and best of luck to you.

#13 duuuuudddeee
you are seriously amazing... you look like the ultimate ballerina and i am in love with this song
#12 nice
pretty good, needs work though. keep it up :]
#11 Great!
#10 The Best
You are simply, the most skilled, the best choreographed and most able to transmit emotion into dance. Thank you.
#9 nice
gorgeous ballet grace.

#8 Tessa can dance!
Oh Tessa, you're so awesome, you're like liquid, like mercury, like liquid mercury, I don't even want to touch you for fear of your liquid mercury toxicity.
Lovely technique and lines.
#6 Wow!
You're absolutely beautiful. You have our vote. Grandma & Grandpa Moore
#5 Go Tessa!
Awesome job! Go Tessa! -♥- Megan
#4 Go Tessa Moore
LOVE ALY!!!!!!!!!!!!

#3 !!!
wow you are amazing, all your movements were so fluid. Loved it! i hope you placed!
#2 Go Tessa!
You're amazing you girl!
#1 Good Job
Hey this is excellent you're so amazing, wish I could dance like that.
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