Songbird, Heather Blum

Heather Blum age 15; choreographed by Kym De Los Reyes This was a special piece for Heather, choreographed and danced for her grandmother who had recently passed away.

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Overall rating: 4.8
Votes: 457
2,185 points


#78 amazing
wow u are flowing beautiful and a great dancer u were fun to watch!
#77 awww...
she is a really beautiful performer
#76 Great
That was gorgeous! I could feel the song and the music pouring out of your every movement! Great job!
#75 great dancer
very good...strong showing
#74 me too
I dance there too and we have great choreography and we are good..and we do mix old style with the new...I agree and other studios like us too!

#73 What ??
The choreographers from this studio are amazing. They have won countless choreography awards from many competitions. All of their dances have GREAT use of stage. I find it very interesting that judges on a regional and national level have have given this studio so many top awards. I guess you are entitled to your opinion.
#72 running!
wow she does run alot... I noticed quite a few girls from that studio with a large percentage of running in their odd!!
#71 disagree
This is my sister...this number was truly choreographed for our grandmother who lived with us and passed away 2 days before Heather had to compete in Vegas finals. She is a pro and one of her dances still won top number of the entire competition. Also, If you know anything about is more than just tricks..which by the way she can do :o)
#70 UMMMM!!!!!!!
This was ok but I dont think it was worth 451 votes maybe if you learned to dance a little more instead of running back and forth across the stage it would be better
#69 Terrific!!!
Heather, you are an amazing dancer and beautiful girl. 08-09 is going to be a fantastic year for you! Kristen K.

#68 girlyyy
heather youre such a beautiful dancer! :) and those legs of yours are amazinggg. youre awesome!
#67 Whoa.........
Some comments have gotten a little silly here, but the truth is Heather you danced this number so beautifully for your grandmother and I know she would be so proud of you! Good job as that is what this dance was all about..can't wait to see this years dances.. : )
#66 INSPIRATIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been in a wheelchair all my life, and after seeing this dance, I was sooo inspired I wheeled myself to the pet store, bought a bird and then not only walked but did this WHOLE dance in my kitchen! its soo beautiful the way your hair shines just as much as your dress! and where did you get that lipstick?!?! TOTALLY GORG!
#65 wow
amazing dancer and choreography!
#64 wowzers
this is just ah wow words cnt even describe how amazing this truely is. i hope that one day i will be able to dance like you. you are my hero

#63 this is
beautiful. it is absolutely flawless. your emotions in this make me cry. this makes me wanna start dance, but im a dance mom. also your dress sparkles in the stage lights just beautifully. wow. this dance it just absoulutely perfect. i cant stop watching it. amazing
#62 you
make me smile. this is so outrageously amazingg. wow. i think im gunna go cry now its so moving. you have nice hair by the way
#61 wow
you are so amazing and i love your hair... its so shiny. and that dress and those rhinestones and that makeup its just all amazing!!
#60 wow
im speachless. you make me want to take a dance class... and buy a yellowdress... im thinking about getting a bird now too.... i want to be just like you your amazing.... my new true inspirition/hero
#59 ....
you have changed my life I stopped dancing for three years now and after watching you I am going to start back up again thanks for dancing so beautifully...

#58 wow
wow! that was awesome :)
#57 amazing!!!
this solo is absolutely beautiful... i love it!!!!!!!! good luck... i hope you win!! your way better than everyone else in my opinion so you should :D
#56 You are beautiful!!!
You dance with such are incredible!
#55 wow!!
this was really pretty, ur a natural!! :)
#54 sexy
can i? just pardon my manners =D you're so pretty

#53 amazingggggg
#52 wooooo
go heather
#51 Lovely dancer
Hope you win :)
#50 Inspiring !!
everybody vote 5 for heather !!
#49 Pretty Girl.
She will make a nice cover model. pick her!

#48 Lovely.
This is a really pretty number with all the right elements. Nice job. I hope you win.
#47 Touching!
I bet she makes a lot of people surrounding her proud!
#46 So Graceful!
What a beautiful dance! You are a natural performer..great job! The Brogan family
#45 Excellent!
Heather, you are an awesome dancer! My daughter and I have seen you at rehearsal(TDC South), and we are honored that you are representing TDC! Keep up the great work, The Greer Family!!!!
#44 Awesome
Heather, you dance with such feeling. You are beautiful!!!!

#43 Love It!
Danced with such passion. I loved it.
#42 Awesome!
She is awesome dancer and the best babysitter ever! Love the Ramsey Family!
#41 great
this was great
#40 Beautiful to watch...
Hard to believe that this is a 15 year old...
#39 Wow
Beautifully done!

#38 gaaaah amazing:)
you are seriously such an amazing dancer if you keep it up at this rate you will become unstoppable! keep it up dance is your thing love you:)
#37 i lovee you heatherr!
your such an amazing dancer, i want to come to one of your compititions! love you and miss you<3
#36 great job heather
such a beautiful dancer!
#35 YAY!
#34 Beautiful
she is so talented... beautiful dancer!!!!

#33 ZAYUUMM!!!!
thiss girl is amazing!!! she flows with such entity and grace its beautiful. i cant believe i know her. Heather your a beautiful young woman. keep it up. :]
#32 Amazing grace!
Delightful to watch - such grace and beauty! Great job!!
#31 haha
i ment "hope"
#30 dang girl haha
nice job heather hop you get to go to new york =] brandon
#29 Heather Blum
Wonderful job!!

#28 Absolutely Perfect!
Your dance was was flawless! Great job and good luck! Love Dennise and Devin Ramirez
#27 my sisterrr ;)
heather your amazingg!! im so glad you are ma bestest friend in the whole world ;) love youuuu..
#26 whoa...
heather is amazing. shes the best dancer i've ever seen. not to mention, she's absolutely stunning. her true emotions really show in her dancing, and it makes watching her really worth while.
#25 AMAZING!!!
wow girl this is beautiful!!
#24 girlfraaan.
i love you heatherr. you are amazing! love becca:]

#23 Absolutly Speechless
Heather Terese Blum. your an amazing dancerr. keep it up fooo.
#22 yay yay yay yay
gooo heatha!! i love you!
#21 Magnificent!
You are awesome!
#20 Yeah!
Work it Heather!!!
#19 besssst dancer i've ever seeeen
ahhh youuuur so goood girrrrlll

#18 Gooo heathaaaaaa!!!
C'mon heatha Kick all their...... Haha Good luck
#17 Great Job !
I love this dance ! Miss you !
a gorgeous dance, and a gorgeous girl. you are amazing, at everything you do. i wish you the BEST of the BEST. you are going to succeed in everything you do. you have a great life ahead of you. i hope to god you win:)
#15 my Tweaker! :]
Amazing job! Good luck :] Hope you win
totally awesome and love her and she should noo will win!

#13 blooming
Looking good buffy! your tribe is proud!sending love love love..It's all you need!
#12 Heartfelt
Your Amazing in this dance. Your grandmother was very special by the way you pay tribute to her in your dance. You can see how much you miss her. Heather always be true to yourself and believe in you because we do.
FULL OUT!!!!!!!!!!
#10 Fantastic!
It's always a treat to watch you dance. Good luck. You looked beautiful!
#9 i love watching this girl!
Her feet are absolutely amazing and her extension of her legs is beautiful. She hits such pretty lines but yet flows through the choreo with such grace.

#8 go heather
damn girl
#7 breath taking
she has to be the best dancer ive ever seen in my entire life she has so much skill and amazing technique. i love her.
#6 Captivating
After seeing all the contestants, Heather is by far the most impressive. She is beautiful, and her motions are flawless. She is just a pure joy to watch.
#5 Stunning
Wow is right! You were fantastic! Your grandmother would be very proud!!!!
#4 Wow
that was great

#3 Amazing
Very fluid, talented and fun to watch.
#2 Gorgeous feet and legs!!
Your grandmother would be proud!
#1 Beautiful
What a beautiful dance for a beautiful girl! You are amazing! We can't wait to see your solo for 2009! Love Monica and Tatum
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