Although we function as individuals, i find we must still work as "One." In order to accomplish anything we have to work as a unit, whether its dance or a larger picture. Coming from a ballet background, and then going into the commercial hip hop world, i found that the two are separate entities. But why? We all dance. So why not combine the two talents, and work together? Fusion. "One."

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#10 TenduGrove
Love :)
Amazing work!
#8 Fantastic!!
#7 One of a kind.
There is nothing in the dance world yet that fully embodies a fusion of such dynamically different styles in this way. This choreography holds true to the essence of what each dance style is separately, while at the same time fusing them together to create an entirely new dimension of dance. Who would have thought you could put classical technique together with hip hop groove and make something so seamless and profound? It's groundbreaking. Thank you for what you are bringing to the dance world.
#6 art
this is incredible! A fusion of elements which I LOVE!!

#5 One
#4 fishtwob
great dynamics
#3 So amazing!!!
this piece is phenomenal - an amalgamation of dance styles, dynamic choreography that builds from start to end, so clean and precise yet full of breathe and flow. Cool perfectly suited costumes to the open beautiful space and location. Complete. Beautiful work. Congratulations
#2 Amazing!!!
This piece of work and the message with it are just incredible. Phil's work is amazing and he is such a talented choreographer, dancer and an overall artist!! So inspiring.. Vote and support this beautiful piece of work!
#1 Genius!
Phil Orsano is simply one of the most talented choreographers and dancers in this industry. He is so unique there is truly NO one like him! Vote for this amazing piece of work!
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