Sugerplum Fairy Varation

A beautiful rendtion of the Sugerplum Fariy's dance. From 2006.

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Event: Pointe Video of the Month
Category: Ballet
Keywords: Nutcracker, Sugerplum fairy, ballet pointe performance
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Overall rating: 2.9
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#6 just a few suggestions...
you should really work on your upper body and arms. they are very floppy and weak. and try to point your feet, get all the way on your shoe and not sickle. also, i'm pretty sure you are are trying to do pique arabesques, but they are completely to the side. you might want to work on getting your leg behind you, right now it looks like you have it to the side and very very turned in... but good job!!
#5 small suggestion
don't sickle your feet!!!!! you will find your ankles hurt less. only when your feet are off of the floor, though! beautiful performance
#4 Beautiful!
Just make sure you really stretch your feet and get over your feet on pointe. Otherwise! Beautiful performance!
#3 correction
make sure to pointe ur feet when u dance, sometimes they can get floppy, and they look horrible
#2 a little suggestion
make your beats bigger so they show, and idk if it is styilized, but watch your arms. they will help turns. lovely pas de chat!

#1 Simply Beautiful
This is a very simple, but beautiful performance! Great Job!
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