Vietnamese Dancer/Choreographer Danny Nguyen performs at the Ho Chi Minh City Opera House upon returning to Vietnam after escaping 27 years ago. An excerpt from the documentary in progress, "Dancing With Saigon." For more information about Danny contact For more information about the filmmakers, contact Searchlight Films at

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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 5
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#4 Captivating!
Another amazing performance from Danny. I'm left speechless. I'd love to see more!
#3 Powerfully Executed Performance
I found the quality of the Choreography, cinematography, music and the dancers a marvel to watch and beautifully executed performance.
#2 Dancing With Saigon
I loved the music, costumes, and especially the movements. They are interesting and awewark They are very strong and technical dancers. Bravo
#1 Powerful & Mesmerizing
What an incredible combination of movement, illusion, costume and light.
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