Silent Night

Samara Tong Acro Solo 2008, Age 15 "Silent Night"

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Event: 2009 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
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#6 awesome
that was really good! u have so much control in ur legs and in ur stomach! good job!
#5 Dance competition!!!
ok well like most people have said already you are flexable but this is a contest for DANCEspirit not gymnasticsspirit you need more moves not flexability concepts
#4 Strength......
with flexibilty is always appreciated, and to be able to do aerials back to back with only a step prep, not to mention the punch front and other tumbling. Wow!!!! Your lines are gorgeous, and the mobility in your joints amazed me. Apparently you have to have a background in gymnastics as well as dance to appreciate your ability, but I thought that you were terrific.
#3 Cheesy
i agree with adancer 100%
#2 It is competition dancing right?
Dance is expression through movement. It is not all about high legs and smiles. If you want to be a real dancer, try thinking of what inspires you to dedicate your life to this carrer. I do appreciate your flexibility though.

#1 ???
What style of dance is this????
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