Crisalida is an ensemble piece choreographed by Diego Funes for the twelve dancers of De Funes Dance. Funes explores the limits of ensemble work, using the idea of the corps and its inherent interconnectedness to shape the piece. Based on the process of internal reflection, the episodic structure of Crisalida unearths the numerous facets of the self. Individuals, duets, and groups emerge from the amoebic, entangled mass of the ensemble to recount their history. The two chairs placed in the center of the stage serve as a sort of anchor for these vignettes; a space appropriated for recollection. As the piece progresses, the number of dancers that come forth increases, and the time between the vignettes shortens, effectively closing the gap between these disparate visions and the greater body of the group. Crisalida culminates with the union of the dancers, suggesting that the individual they collectively form has reconciled these parts of himself, and achieved resolution.

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Overall rating: 4.8
Votes: 29
139 points


#10 Hermoso...
Me encanto!!!!
#9 geniales!!!
No hay mas que felicitaciones!!!
#8 emocionante
Simplememte inolvidable e increible!!
#7 impresionante!!!
Excelente lo de ustedes!!!
Diego. Tu talento es impresionante. Felicitaciones!!!

#5 From Paris, France
Merveilleuse chorégraphie et superbe interprétation. Tout ici est remarquable. Je soutiens sans douter et avec beaucoup d’enthousiasme ! Merci beaucoup pour ce moment de beauté
#4 Amazing powerful Tango vive
Diego Funes congratulations for such a powerful performance !
#3 the soul of Tango
Diego found the soul of Tango and the soul of a melancholic Buenos Aires with this elegant, contemporary and Beautiful piece.
#2 Huge Talent - Bright Soul
This is an incredible journey for my six senses.
#1 diego funes dance
te felicito por tu trabajo dedicación!!Felicito tambien a todos los bailarines!!!
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