Cyber Bully

Choreographed by J.V. Goecke, this piece is based off of the spoken-word poem by Shane Koyczan. It takes you on a journey from the trolls of old, mythical creatures hiding under our beds – to the all too real cyber trolls and cyber bullies of the modern age. 1 in 3 young people have experienced cyberthreats online. This piece is an observation of the danger of today's media and how it navigates though the ages. Thank you for watching!

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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 76
378 points


#41 Work of Art
I love how the choreography is so innovative. You can tell that the choreographer took her time to express the importance of each movement. Amazing job!
#40 Really NEAT!
This is such a cool dance!Way to go!
#39 truly amazing!
absolutely breathtaking! cant stop watching it!!
#38 Amazing!!!
Awesome dancers, great concept. Love it.
#37 Powerful and moving
Truly engaging choreography that not only shows off the strength of the dancers, but also relays such a powerful message in a mesmerizing fashion.

#36 nice
good stuff here - not the typical contemporary choreo. paints pictures
#35 *
just incredibly cool. Nice job
#34 *
just incredibly cool. Nice job
#33 cyber bully
Such a different way to move. It draws you in. nice risk
#32 JV
Absolutely brilliant!!

#31 Amazing!
So in love with this piece.
#30 Love this
i wish i were in this piece. great job
#29 Inventive Piece
flawless transitions- really neat!
#28 Superb Piece
Just different and unique
#27 Extrordinary!
This is absolutely wonderful!! E ery movement and position is perfect & the message it's portraying is amazing! Very good job!!

#26 Cyber Bully
I absolutely LOVE THIS PIECE!!!!!! A relevant topic expressed through brilliant choreography.
#25 Memorable!!
This piece has such a powerful message that makes the audience wanting more when the number is over!
#23 Cyber Bully
Brilliant interpretation
#22 True Artistry!!
This is truly an amazing piece!!

#21 Amazing
Wow! that was great and very entertaining. Thank you
#20 This truly is amazing!!
#19 Jv
JVs work tells a story from Beginning to end. Her staging and transitions are always flawless. Not to mention choreography that is unforgettable! Awesome dance Jv!!! Always inspiring me to be a better teacher and choreographer!!!!
#18 Amazing
True genius. It makes you feel when you watch it and think about it the rest of the week!
#17 LOVE
Love this dance! It's so unique and just overall phenomenal!

#16 Perfection.
Wow... Simply amazing. You are my idol JV! Never stop creating your amazing stuff! Love and miss you!
#15 Amazing
you inspire me!
#14 YES!
Amazing work - spellbinding!
#13 Powerful
Powerful composition, performed beautifully.
#12 Beautiful!
Absolutely breathtaking! Loved the choreography and the dancers!

#11 Powerful
the message is powerful and is backed you with talented dancers.
#10 Cyberbully
Orignality, perfect execution, sadly timely subject; but most of all, a compelling dance.
#9 Pure artistry...
An absolute joy to watch. Thank you for sharing these moments...
#8 Pure artistry...
An absolute joy to watch. Thank you for sharing these moments...
#7 Stunning!
Brilliant choreography, Ms. JV! This piece is both skillfully and emotionally executed; a very memorable piece.

#6 LOVE!
Absolutely love a piece that is both thought provoking and beautiful at the same time!!
#5 Beautiful
beautiful and amazing dancers and Amazing choreography!
#4 Truly amazing
My daughter had the pleasure to be taught by this amazing teacher, mentor and the most inspiring lady. The hard work she does and the lives she touches is the true meaning of a teacher and choreographer!!!!! Another amazing piece. Ms. JV
#3 Cyber bully
#2 Intense and Powerful
Love a dance that makes you think and takes your breath away!

#1 Amazing!!
Amazing dancers! Amazing choreography! ♡
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