I am 11 years old at Youth Ammerica Grand Prix!

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#11 be careful
You clearly have wonderful talent.I worry that you are being taught to do advanced variations and steps without the foundation of technique underneath you.You must be patient and get a solid foundation of technical training to develop your turnout and foot muscles. Without that training you will incur many injuries and have a hard time getting into a company because you training has not developed your lines. I think you have great potential. I hope you can develop your technique.
#10 TOES!
#9 eh
work on runs and fingers
#8 good job!
i think you did lovely but i have two things 1. you are being to stiff (i know its coppelia but soften up a bit please) 2. at the end when you went down to bow you looked like u kind of fell! thats ok though just keep working hard!
#7 realy stiff
you are very stiff and you look like you are afraid of something you should just let lose and dance

#6 Music
I seemed like you were a little ahead of the music.
#5 Age
How old are you??
#4 ok...
you need to fix your hands. sometimes your hands curve towards your body. and like they said, you do look really stiff!and you looked scared! I started pointe 2 years ago, and I know it's REALLY hard, but I think you need some more practice.
#3 ok
like they said; work on tech. you are really scaring me because of your ankles. no one should be performing en pointe at 11! give it a few more years when you are stronger. one injury can ruin you for life. take it easy. you do have great potential.
#2 Technique
You have potential, but you really need to work on technique. I know how hard it is to find someone who teaches good technique, I have had the same problem. But you are pretty good; In my opinion, pointe is the hardest kind of dance, so you rock for being able to! How long have you been en pointe?

#1 Arms and upper body
soften your arms and upper body, they look really stiff. And really pointe your feet.
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