Demons In Your Dreams

Raegin Domenico age 19, performing a modern called Demons In Your Dreams.

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Overall rating: 4.7
Votes: 375
1,758 points


#87 Amazing
I don't see what is so horrible about this dance. Yeah, a stumble or two, and an awkward cut in the music, but overall the choreo was very good and the technique was almost flawless. Her emotion was entertaining too.
#86 Incredible
Wow people are nasty when they're jealous! You're an amazing dancer girl!!
#85 eh
not bad. strong beginning... very weak ending. nice switch leap. besides that you could have emoted more. i wasnt drawn in by your emotions so i was forced to watch you technically... from there i wasnt really held technically either. just keep working on it. great start.
#84 uhhhhhhhh
ummm... well... your switch leap was nice at least. good job though
#83 cool
i like your costume

#82 great performance
love the style!! :D
#81 super job!
i love it!!
#80 good job
love the choreography!!
#79 amazing!!!
great job!
#78 NICE JOB!!!!!
Sorry it took me so long to vote Raegin LOVE YA AND GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

#77 wow
no one who sucks as bad as you should get so many votes. what a cheater hahahahahaha
#76 LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!
Raegin I love to watch you dance keep up the good work!!!!
#75 Uhhhhh
Not bad... but for ur age i would expect u too be a little better.. oh well keep workin!
#74 Amazing!
Raegin you're an amazing dancer. Good Luck, you've got the Laing's votes also.
#73 Great Job!
You're a wonderful dancer great job you got our votes the Signs.

#72 Fantastic!!!
Raegin you're a great dancer and wonderful to watch you make me proud "cuz".
#71 Why such hype?
Nice job, but over 4,000 views? I guess it is good, but not really great. I do not get it, but good luck in your dance career. You look like a pretty girl.
#70 awesome
#69 You got my vote!
Hi Reagin, WOW! You are awesome and so talented. You have such a bright future and we are big fans. You are so very graceful and portray such grace. Hello from DC, Second Cousins...Marsha and Donald J
#68 Mesmerizing!!!!
You are mesmerizing to watch. I came on to vote for my neice, but it doesn't look like she can win so I hope you do. Best of Luck to you.

From your first recital at age 3 everyone knew you were destine to be the BEAUTIFUL,AMAZING,and MEMORABLE dancer you are today!!!!
Your stage presence sets you apart from all the rest!!!!I can't take my eyes off you when your dancing!!!!
#65 BREATHLESS!!!!!!!!
Raegin,your grace and elegance is like no other!!!!
#64 Good Job !!
awll, this is great your amazingg Good Luck!!
#63 Beautiful!!!
You are so graceful and wonderful to watch. Keep up the awesome dancing.

#62 Wow!!!!
I would love to have your talent. You are amazing to watch.
#61 Perfection!!!!
You are perfection in motion!!!!
#60 Awesome Dancer!!!!
You're a beautful dancer and I'm sure your dancing will take you places.
#59 WONDERFUL!!!!!!!
#58 WOW! WOW!
You are a awesome dancer! What stage presence you have! You dance like an angel!

#57 Perfect!!!!
Reagin you're a perfect dancer and some people can't handle that or your popularlity on this site.
#56 AWESOME!!!!!
Your our number 1 dancer!!!! Great Job!!!!
#55 BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!
Beautiful expression and emotion! You make us proud!!!!
#54 haha....
wow JEALOUS much on the comment down below!! YOU SHINE!!! KEEP IT UP AND YOU WILL GO FAR!
#53 ew
you bounce when you turn and your music cut is really unprofessional and its annoying and you dont flow and wow i dont know man. i just dont know. i mean for 20 year old you should be a little better you know what i meannnn?

#52 ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!
#51 Great job!
Kyle send me your link! Good job girl!
#50 WHOA!
you are an AMAZING dancer! beautiful extensions!!
#49 5 star
5 stars!
That deserves a grapefruit!

#47 Woah!
I love it! Your an amazing dancer!
#46 beautiful!!
Beautiful job Raegs! You make us proud!
Nice dance....
#44 Amazing Grace!
In all my flights you're the best dancer I've seen with your grace and stage presence.
#43 WOW!!!!!!!
Raegin!! You're such an amazing dancer! Your talents will take you VERY far in dance!!! :)

#42 Unbelieveable Talent!
You're a great dancer I would pay good money to see you on the big stage somewhere.
#41 Go girl!
Keep it up Raegz! Keep doing what you do best!
#40 Go Reagin
Keep up the fantastic work Reagin!
#39 Fantastic!
you are an aamzing dancer!! Good Luck in the future!
#38 !!!!!
this video is spectacular i wish i could dance like that girllll

#37 Great!!!!!
awesome dancer great job!
#36 Fantastic!
You’re a great dancer! Good Luck in all your endeavors.
#35 beautiful
What an amazing dancer she is .I have traveled all over the world and I think she is one of the most beautiful dancers I have ever seen. She should win 1o times over.
#34 good job
you did a great job good luck
You are like a little butterfly fluttering around when you dance.Keep up the great work and you will reach your dream.

#32 Nice Job!
#31 Amazing!
You're an awesome dancer Raegin! I can't wait to see you dance the whole way through your career at SU! :D
U R IT! FULL PACKAGE!! U GOT WHAT IT TAKES! U Know what it takes 2 accomplish YOUR DREAM!
#29 u r priceless
i love 2 watch u U go go go girl
#28 Poetry in Motion !!!!!
It's obvious you love what you do, and we love watching you.

#26 WOW!!!!!!
This dancer is amazing! She has exceptional musicality and great stage presence. I love her style!!! Good Job Girl!!!!
#25 You Look Great!!
Reagin your the best great job!!!!
#24 look at this
This is dance. I know all about dance, too.
#23 Beautiful!!
Great job...you can see your love for dance in every move.

#22 gorge.
#21 *************
Great job, good luck Raegin!
#20 *************
You are so beautiful and amazing. You make me proud Raegs!
#19 beautiful
this is a wonderful performance! the performance quality is wonderful and the technical aspects of this dance are great. i have never seen such a wonderful dancer who is 95 pounds of pure muscle and like their chicken chickened.
#18 FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!
You'll always be #1 with us!!!!!!!

Raegin good luck your the best dancer ever!!!
#16 Good Job
Way to go cuz
#15 Great Job
Keep up the good work
#14 Very Charismatic!
You're going to be on the big stage one day.

#12 Awesome!
You look Great Raegin!
#11 Amazing
U are amazing!
#10 U R Breathless
u always take my breath away
#9 Exquisite Dance Reagin!
You light up the stage!
#8 Amazing!
Great job! You're wonderful to watch. I've watched 4 times already.

#7 Excellent
You're great keep doing what you're doing and the world will soon know your name.
#6 Beautiful
Raegan, You are amazing, and you have my vote 100%.
#5 Great Job
You just keep getting better.
#4 Go Reagin!
So proud of you and Congrats on a fantastic performance at SU! Good luck!!!!!
#3 Nice Job!
We love watching you!

#2 Wow!
So awesome! Amazing!
#1 Awesome!
You never cease to amaze us!
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