Diario de Viaje

Tired of the congestion of the city, and overwhelmed by fatigue of commercial artistry, Alyssa Aparicio and Erik "Talltree" Butts escaped South to dig their toes into something deeper. The result: an artifact of their time away and an ode to una temporada mas allá con tiempo para ir mas adentro. Filmed in Baja California, Diario de Viaje (Diary of a Journey) is the act of dipping our toes in the stillness of time away from the world that whirs around us. As dancer Alyssa Aparicio carves bottomless days into meaningful ritual and self care, she searches to seize this opportunity to mend an estranged relationship with the earth, sea, sky, and stars. Basking in her own unfiltered flow of divine feminine movement, she loses herself in the pleasure of syncing her own rhythms with cosmic time.

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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 9
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#4 Dance
Nature and dance so natural to this girl...stunning.
#3 Dance by Alyssa and Eric
Wow! Beauty and talent!!!!
#2 Diario de viaje
Love the music.... the visuals are beautiful and evocative a breezy summer romantic night and the dancer.....I love how she conveyed pure joy, sensuality and freedom
#1 absolutely divine!
I would love to see more of this!
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