This piece is about seeing death. Choreographed by: Kirsten Russell Danced by: Sarah Pippin, Erin Smith, Kelly Choi, Leah Faircloth, Kayla Russell, Tori Kent, Meghan Curtin, Leara Stanley, Skyler Mundahl, and Rebecca Hitchins.

Views: 9,372
Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2015
Category: General
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Overall rating: 4.8
Votes: 45
218 points


#26 Inspiring!
Totally rad! Congrats!
#25 #Islands
Wonderful piece! So much passion!
#24 #24
Very talented choreography. Beautiful dance.
#23 Islands
My breath was taken away by the beauty of this piece.
#22 Islands. WOW!
Beautifully choreographed and danced ladies! Truly, a captivating piece.

#21 Outstanding!!
Had the privilege of watching this live at 24Seven! The audience was absolutely silent!! Such captivating choreography & dynamic performance!!
#20 Islands
Such amazing choreography and incredible dancers! So proud of all of you!
#19 Islands
Love, love! Amazing work, Kirsten Russell!!
#18 simply amazing
Seeing this in person, I couldn't blink or breathe the entire piece...absolute talent. Thank you for sharing this with us.
#17 Talented Dancers - Excellent Choreograph
Was able to watch this live at 24/7 this weekend and I'll I can say is WOW! What a powerful, moving and captivating dance! A winner for sure!!!

#16 Islands
This piece has such a complex voice, dramatic impact, and rare artistry. This piece needs to be experienced on as wide a scale as possible. Choreographer and dancers are impossibly special.
#15 #15 Islands
It was breathtaking, powerful and very moving. Honored to be around this outstanding choreographer and these wonderful dancers whom interpret her vision and make her pieces come alive.
#14 Islands #1
Islands is an moving choreographed dance.
#13 Islands
Witnessed this live...truly emotional and powerful.
#12 just amazing
Such beautiful choreography and amazing talent

#11 Amazing!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful choreography with us!
#10 Islands
Love this dance! It left me in tears when I saw it on stage
#9 Amazing
Love this new piece by Kirsten Russell!!! So much talent!!!
#8 Islands
Beautiful dance!
ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. Talent beyond words and inspirational beyond belief.

#6 Wow!
I am simply AMAZED at this piece! The choreographer is beyond talented.
#5 Islands
Beautiful choreography and dancers! Watched this at 24Seven and was left breathless by the talent and emotion on stage!
#4 Breathtaking!
Amazing and breathtaking choreography!
#3 Seriously....
Amazing stuff here ladies!! Love Love Love!!
#2 Beautiful!
I had the pleasure of seeing this dance performed in person. It was beautifully choreographed and danced. Very powerful!

#1 Islands
Amazing. So much talent. Wow.
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