Kerrynton Jones "Everyone Wants to Rule the World"

Kerrynton Jones performing Everyone Wants to Rule the World at Artist Simply Human Nationals

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Event: Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
Category: Performance
Keywords: Kerrynton Jones, KJ, Everyone Wants to Rule the World, Girl on Fire, Love Dance, ASH
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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 94
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#115 One of a kind!
KJ more than deserves this award! Since day one of meeting this young lady she has been an inspiration. Beautiful family, amazingly talented, one of a kind and yet stays humble. Love her!!
#114 KJ
By far the best one... So talented and such an inspiration!!
#113 KJ
By far the best one... So talented and such an inspiration!!
#112 KJ for cover model
Kerrynton Jones is such a hardworking young lady! My daughter looks up to her so much as I'm sure many kids do! Team Kerrynton 120% for cover model
#111 KJ is the best!!
WOW!!!!! Kerrynton has my vote!!! SLAYYYYY <3

#110 Kerrynton Jones!!
KJ is an unbelievable dancer, but more than that, a beautiful person with the biggest heart of anyone I know. Keep pushing girl you deserve it!! <3
#109 KJ - Simply Amazing
This child is truly a breath of fresh air on the dance floor. She expresses her Love, shares her talent, and enbraces her blessing to the fullest!! She is a beautiful person inside and out on and off the dance floor! Love you KJ and Val who has guided her down this incredible journey!
#108 KJ!!! Simply The BEST!!!
As always you do an amazing job! Keep up the good work. Our family is rooting for you. #TeamKJ
#107 A true performer!
KJ is one of the hardest working dancers (let alone people in general) that I have ever met. Her dedication to her craft and unparalleled skill amazes me every time I see her dance. Yet, she is more than simply a dancer. She is a performer, an entertainer, and most importantly- an artist. I do not doubt that she could be one of the biggest names in dance in the near future. Love ya KJ!
#106 A piece of art
KJ you are such an artist and one of the most incredible technicians. GO YOU. You are going to have an amazing career!

#105 Simply Amazing
Kerrynton you are simply AMAZING. I have told your Mom that the world will know your name. You are truly gifted and talented. Your dancing is captivating. Keep up the GREAT job young lady!
#104 KJ
This young lady rocks.... May her spirit dance on
#103 Kerrynton
TALENT!!! I Love watching her dance!! Takes my breath away Everytime!! ❤️
#102 #102 voting for Kerrynton Jones
She is amazingly talented and I can tell she has a very bright future ahead of her!Keep up the great work!
#101 Kerrynton Jones
We love you …goop KJ….Larsen

#100 <3
You're amazing Kerrynton!! Best Wishes!! -DancingWithYT
#99 Beast
KJ killin it like always!
#98 KJ ROCKS!!!!
Amazing, breathtaking, stunning, incredible, astounding, awe-inspiring, heart-stopping....all these words describe KJ and her dancing. She more than deserves to be on the cover of Dance Spirit magazine!
#97 Thanks Guys!
❤️❤️❤️Love all the comments!
#96 Chinese
Hey girl it's your chinese sister you are AMAZINGGGGG

#95 Wow!
#92 uniquwa
Ur good at dancinggggg
#91 Kerrynton Jones
Beautiful, talented, breathtaking, passionate, fierce, unbelievable, determined, delightful, lovely.........and then some!!! Congratulations and hope you are selected to be the cover model. xoxo Marcy & Andrew

#90 Thank you!!
Keep on voting guys!❤️
#89 Kerrynton
wow! absolutely amazing!
#88 Kerrynton Jones
KJ is such a hard worker and it pays off!! She deserves everything she has achieved and I'm so proud of this girl I can call my friend. GOOD LUCK
#87 Thank youuu!
I love all you guys thanks so much for the sweet comments! Keep on voting
#86 Kerrynton
Kerrynton is exquisite. It is true art in motion! This is a huge treat for me as I only see Kerrynton when she takes piano and voice from me. To see her perform dance,it is breathtaking. She doesn't just memorize steps.. she feels the music, becomes the music, senses the music through her dance and this constitutes and incredible and talented artist, and for someone her age. I am so proud of her! I am in awe!

#85 KJ
This gave me the goose bumps and I am just at a loss for words! She takes my breath away every time I see her dance! She is the true definition of a inspiring artist who is truly dedicated mind body and soul to the art of dance! That to me is cover material & someone I not only would want see on the cover of Dance Spirit but would want to read about & know what she is doing. Sky is the limit for this young lady & I can't wait to see the mountains she will move in this industry!
#84 kj
#83 Kerryton
What a phenomenal piece performed by phenomenal girl!
#82 K.J.
Hope u get it cuz u are a great dancer!!!
#81 #1K.J
U are awesome! Great dancer!!!

#80 KJ
Much deserved. Love you Kerrynton!
#79 Vote
She has my vote! Go Kerynton :-)
#78 KJ
We Love you!, your performance is AMAZING! thank you sharing your heart...Hanifah n Tahj
#77 Kerryton Jones
i just love her! She's a perfect example of how a real dancer should perform. She's the face for the Dance Spirit Cover!
#76 KJ
And she'll definitely get a vote from Ocyruss!

#75 KJ
From Icyss "She'll get my vote"
#74 KJ
You continue to amaze me girl. Continue to soar!
#73 Nice
Love this little girl
#72 Live
She gives me life
#71 WOW
This is an amazing young lady. She has my vote

#70 amazing
Kj is a gift to the danxe world! Keep dancing. We love her!
#69 thanks
thank you all so very much
#68 Kerrynton
I love watching KJ dance. She's amazing each and every time! She deserves to be featured on the cover page because she's truly a star.
#67 Awesome
You are a beast and I love the energy you bring to the art of dance. I am so proud of you and hope that the world gets to experience the energy that you bring when you dance. Love you and continue to allow God to use you.
#66 KJ
Love watching her. She is an wonderful dancer and a wonderful person

#65 K.jones
Go kj!!!
#64 Outstanding
KJ you're a super star!
#63 Keep living your dream
Go KJ!!!
#62 KAJ Rocks!
You've been a star for years - way to go Kerrynton!
#61 Kerryton Jones has my vote!
She is absolutely breath taking! She makes me feel the music with her dancing! Please choose KJ!

#60 Kerrynton Jones
KJ, you amaze me every time. Love you 💚💚
#59 KJ
#58 Kerrynton Jones
This girl is an amazing dancer! I can watch her a million times and never get enough.
#57 Great job!!!
You are an amazing dancer, and I wish you nothing but the best!! Love you!!
#56 ❤️❤️
love you KJ!!! Go girl!

#55 KJ
Way to go KJ!!! You deserve it dear😍
#54 Beautiful and Powerful
Amazing, love watching Kerryton, she is so inspiring and a solid artist! Dance Spirit you would be remised if you did take advantage of her talent. Teri Glass
#53 Good Luck!!
Every time I see Kerrynton at conventions she is giving it her all every minute in every single class! She deserves to be on the cover for her dedication and just pure love of dance. Miss you Kerrynton!
#52 #1 Kerryton Jones
Phenomenal artist!
#51 Kerrynton Jones
WOW!!!!!!!! Is all you can say when it comes to Kerrynton when she is on the dance floor. She deserves to be a featured cover story on Dance Spirit magazine. Go KJ!!!!!!!!

#50 Phenomenon
Wow KJ is a phenomenal dancers. This video was absolutely breathtaking!! She dances with so much power and emotion. I love watching her dance!! She definitely needs to be featured and be the cover model for Dance Spirit
#49 KJ!!!!!
Absolutely stunning!! One of the best dancers I know!!!! You sooooo deserve this!
#48 Kerrington Jones
Absolutely Strong Performance!!!!!
#47 Perfect!
So amazing!! loved it!
#46 Lovely!
She definitely deserves to be on the cover of this magazine because she has worked so hard to get to where she is and I have no doubt that she will continue to work harder. She is such a sweet girl and is an inspiration to dancers of all ages!

#45 KJ
my little sis! So so talented KJ! Go awff!
#44 Astounding!
This was so good! She looks so focused and fully involved in the story of the song when she steps on the stage! Great job KJ!!
#43 Kerrnyton Jones
Absolutely breathtaking!!! She is a star!!! Love watching her dance!
#42 kerryton jones
Go kj!!
#41 KJ
Oh Val you must be so proud of your baby. She is absolutely awesome. Thank you so much for sharing this video with us. 😍😍

#40 Kerrynton
Ugh so good. You deserve every inch of that cover KJ!
#39 Kerrynton
So amazing, wow. I'm such a big fan. She will make it big!!!
#38 KJ
Go KJ go KJ GO!!!
#37 KJ
She is such an amazing dancer and has the drive to take her places. Go Girl, Go!
#36 Killer
What an amazing dance!! Love her

#35 KJ
Probably one of the best dancers I know and one of my favorite dances to watch!!! ☺️
#34 KJ
Brilliant and dedicated Performer!! So proud of her.
#33 Kerrynton Jones
She has been one of our favorite dancers for many years, and this video explains why!!! She is fierce!!! Love her!!!
#32 perfect performance
This girl has inspired me since day one! I love this dance so much and she is such a incredible dancer. I cannot wait to see the results!
#31 Kerrynton
AMAZING!! Loved it!!!

#30 Love This
Very Nice
#29 Inspirational
This is literally my favorite of all time just a beautiful person, sister and dancer i love you so much and this solo is breath taking
#28 KJ is a star
This amazing girl has been inspiring me for 5 years now. She is an amazing dancer and person inside and out. She deserves this so much she works so hard with everything she does and deserves this so much. You have my vote kerryton and hope everyone else's!!
#27 Kerrynton Jones
you are an amazing dancer and you inspire me to become better everyday KJ!!❤️ mwah..😻 you got my vote anyday!!
#26 Kerryton Jones
OUTSTANDING! !!!!!!!!!!

#25 Worldwide!!!
Your best is yet to come.
#24 Simply the best!
Watching this truly moves me to want to dance.
#23 Nothing but the truth
All I can say is WOW!
#22 Superfantastic!!!
Every time you dance you set the floor on fire. Your beautiful spirit is earth shattering and inspiring to everyone who watches you live your passion.
#21 Kerryton Jones

#20 Kerryton Jones Contestant
This is AMAZING!!! Please feature her in your magazine and put her on your cover!!
#19 Awesome performance!
I love how she balances finesse with power. Kerrynton has a big-time future ahead of her.
#18 Kerrynton Jones
She killed it like always !!
#17 KJ
She is good!!!
#16 Kerryton Jones
This dance serves as an inspiration to all. The way she exhibits the art of dance with such control, grace, and beauty is absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing your gift of dance with the world.

#15 KJ
She's a star!!!
#14 KJ
Your welcome
#13 KJ
So proud of her!!!
#12 #1
Kerrynton is number 1
#11 Best Dance Ever!!!
Love this dance!!!

#10 KJ
Love her!!!
#9 Kerrynton Jones
Love watching KJ dance. She is captivating every time she performs.....would love to see her on the cover!!!
#8 KJ
She rocks!!!
#7 KJ
#6 Thank You Everyone
Thank You to everyone for voting for me! Being on the cover of Dance Spirit would mean the world to me!:)

#5 Awesome
Beautiful dancer, inside and out!!!
#4 Amazing KJ
So proud of you and the work you put into choreographig this piece. May God continue to bless you
#3 KJ...The Next Big Thing
Love her!!!
She killed it!
#1 Kerryton Jones
She is absolutely breath taking in her attack of this dance! The power in her dance and her story is amazing! I hope Dance Spirit puts this kid on the cover. What an inspiration!
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