The Letting Go

Victoria Caffey, 16, 2008 Nationals Miss Adrenaline. Lyrical choreographed by Michelle Stafford. Song by Melissa Etheridge. Performed at Adrenaline Nationals Gala.

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Added: November 4, 2008
Event: 2009 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
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Keywords: Victoria Caffey, Lyrical, The Letting Go, Adrenaline, Miss Adrenaline
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Overall rating: 4.7
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#45 vic
u were so good feet pointed spoting amazing i hope u put another one of ur routines on this site because i would watch it. loved the dance
#44 your dance
you better win victoria, i like your dance
Good jog victoria.
#42 Victoria
you are an enchanting dancer. Hope you win.
#41 GIRL

A body to die for. Sweet
#39 Hey girl
Glad I didn't compete against you this year!!! Good job.
#38 Nice
Nice work, and you move really well. There is something funny about the leap, but I really really liked the rest of your dance.
#37 WOW
Your really good. Liked your dance
lookin good...

Like your style. You are a beautiful dancer...hope to see you in the professional world of dance.
#34 hmmm
wow. so basically you are really good.and i really like your costume....
#33 vicky ...
girl - i always absolutely LOVE watching you dance. you inspire me. keep going because it will pay off very very soon. love you!
#32 Awesome!
Beautifully done!
#31 caffey

#30 use the stage more
corrections: sustain your movements if you want to be a professional dancer, get out of the competition. too many more to describe.
#29 WOW
Nice control of movement!!!
#28 Victoria ..girl
I am inspired. good dancin chick
#27 Awesome
Great dance, great dancer. Of course we love her
What a powerful display of technique and emotion. Beautifully done...good luck

#25 Miss Adrenaline
Magnificient, as always.
#24 wonderful
GREAT job! Keep up the beautiful dancing!
#23 Gahh!
I love this solo. So ridiculous.
#22 my lil sister
alright lil sister you were feirce ganked out like always you betta roll bounce hahaha love you always
#21 Lil Miss Texas
Congratulations on a beautiful performance---from your very first dance instructor.....

#20 victoria
Nice Job. Like your emotion!
#19 Captivating
This was an awesome dance. Such wonderful control and emotion. Very Lovely!!!!!!
#18 Beautiful, as always!
Once again, you've shown what a truly beautiful and gifted dancer you are. Keep it up because you are a joy to watch!!!
#17 Victoria
You did a fabulous job! Good luck!

#15 Victoria
Victoria you are the bomb diggity. Keep up all of your hard work. It will payoff real soon.
Excellent dancing! You must have been trained at a great studio! ;-)
#13 The Letting Go
Love to watch this girl dance! Solid!
#12 Vic
You are always my favorite dancer.
#11 mmmm...
nice emotion, girl. you can tell you're really feeling the emotion!

#10 Good job
good job, red
#9 Victoria
Awesome, nice technique.
I love watching you dance. You inspire so many young dancers in our area. Our girls love you and are always rooting for you. You are the most gracious winner and we wish you the very best. XD2
This is a pretty dance. Good job! You show beautiful strength and control.
#6 Victoria
Wow love the choreography! I can tell you are very well trained in all areas of dance especially ballet. Great emotion and interpretation of the choreography. Good luck!

#5 Fabulous!
Nice trick for a cool chick! You are a great dancer! I aspire to be as well-rounded a dancer as you are. Keep it up on your journey to greatness!
#4 NICE!
This is a breathtaking. Keep up the good work. Love your style.
#3 Good work, but...
This is a good dance, but you should work on your facial expressions, more defined choreography, extension of all of you limbs (arms and legs), taking ballet to improve your technique for you and you hands definition, and overall presentation of your dancing. You ahve great potential, if you work on wha tI have mentioned, you will develope into a great dancer. Good luck
#2 wow
this really nice .... I enjoyed it alot
I love this dance. You are perfect.
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