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This is after about 3 weeks with my new bloch shoes, and they are finally broken in! I still have trouble getting over the box though, and I really dont like these shoes!but I have only been on pointe for 3 months, so I'm am still learning. constructive critique welcome!

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#4 They do
They do look kinda loose to me. You should go a little slower so we could see what your doing. Your turning in ALOT! You need to turn out from the hip not your ankles.
#3 I have blochs
I hav bloch sinatas and they r working very well but to me their shanks feel much harder and might not b good if u r just starting out. its probably a good idea to try russian pointes in soft or grishko soft b/c those r the shoes i got wen i was first starting pointe n they made my feet go over the box. another suggestion is to call the store where you get your pointe shoes from ahead of time so they know you are coming and spend as much time as you need getting the correct pair of pointe shoes.
#2 your shoes
maybe you should try a softer shank. i had the same problem until i got stronger. try grisko super soft shank
#1 shoes
your shoes don't seem to be fitting correctly. the ribbons should be tied tighter they look very loose. you really should get shoes that fit right so you will be safe.
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