Meghan Conley - Lyrical Interpretive

Interpretive dance done at Spotlight Dance Cup Nationals 2007. I got to hear the song one time 15 minutes before I had to go out and make up a dance on the spot.

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#12 on the spot?!
That was amazing for on the spot! you matched the music perfectly!
#11 once or twice?
You are very strong with lyrical. that is my best dance too but I do agree with tapper2 you are using the same moves over and over sooo yeah you don't have to let others coreograph for you Just make sure only use the move Just once or maybe you can get away with using it twice haha well keep up the good work you are an amazing dancer .... =)
#10 awesome..
that was really amazing. you have awesome technique! keep dancing!
#9 wow
if i hadn't read the description i would never have known that you had made this up on the spot. there were some great moments in here and you are obviously very talented
#8 video settings
i think your dancing is great! but you should check the "deinterlace video" box so that you don't get those lines everytime you move :)

regardless of what any one said about repetition, i think you did an AMAZING job here! I can feel that you feel the music and that to me is what makes the most beautiful dancers!
#6 really great!
hey you did great for having to make it uo on the spot ... but yeah like others have said , you did repeat a couple times, but thats okay! i mean what pressure that must have been! haha... keep dancing!!
#5 good job
since u made it up 15 minuted b4 but u did do the same moves over and over again!!!
#4 Pretty nice given circumstances
just as subject reads. I do agree with what others have said, towards the begginning it looked unsure and your moves weren't totally commited, but after the first about 8 or 9 8counts you were great :)
#3 nice...
good job for on the spot.

#2 Interpetive Dance
That's why it's called interpetive dance. You only get to hear the song one time and then you have to dance to it. Nothing is really choreographed - - just moving to the music.
#1 ?
Let others coreograph for you... you do the same 2 or 3 moves over and over again.
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