destiny-mileyka mateo


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Overall rating: 4.5
Votes: 4
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#6 GEEZ!!!!
this is just plain AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up da good work! yull b big one day!!!
#5 raw talent
you have amazing raw talent, great feet and legs...however the choreography is extremely repetitive, you could have done a lot more than developes and popping your ribs out. if you add more texture to your dancing you'll be amazing because you'll excell in your movements while highlighting your attributes. you're definitely a natural dancer, you just need better choreography to show off more of what you can bring to the stage!
#4 Amazing
Unbelievable flexibility!
#3 Oh My Gosh!!!!!
Your legs are.....WOW! Your extension and flexibility with your legs is incredible.......Keep up the good work!
#2 wow
ur legs wow!!!!!!!!!!!

#1 WOW
wow your legs!!!
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