Tales from the Vienna Woods

Tales from the Vienna Woods performed by Nicolle McCormick from Minnesota.

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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 37
185 points


#38 A natural dancer
Admirable talent, elegant moves and magnificent choreography. Definitely seeing a star being born. Congratulations Nicolle.
#37 Nicolle McCormick
Very graceful and sweet. She will be a grea great addition to a professional ballet in the future.
#36 Beautiful!
Brava darling!
#35 Wodnerful
A real young diva!
#34 nicolle mcCOrmick
Excellent dancer! I give her 5 stars!

#33 Nicolle...
... for me... the best ballerina ever :)
#32 excellent
Nicolle is so good awesome potential!!!!
#31 Nicolle McCormick
Lovely young lady with hight potential.
#30 Nicolle
I do agree with Austin Washington " All she needs is the right environment to live up to her self - evident potential"
#29 I'm delighted
I've been watching this dance with a great pleasure. She is very gifted young lady and hope for a great future for Her .

#28 Muy dulce
Me encantó totalmente esta rutina, que gran. Bravo para esta preciosa bailarina.!
#27 Querida Nicolle
Qué belleza de una querida Nicolle. Baila con tanta gracia y es muy amable! Sí
Piekny taniec, piekne tanczaca balerina. Mam nadzieje,ze kiedys zobacze cie na scenach Europy..
#25 Nicolle McCormick
Bellisima la bailarina, es muy hermosa y elegante! Mucha suerte!
#24 Классика на все време
Великолепные образы балета несут миру духовную и высоконравственную культуру !!! Именно в России очень популярен и почитаем балет и классическое искусство !!! Пусть таких балетных школ будет больше во всем мире и великолепные балетные танцоры дарят людям свет и праздник !!!

Cool!Nicolle's dance is great.Good luck, keep up the good. Mateusz
#22 Nicole's dance
Great poise and personality in this dance, especially for an 11 year old girl. I was very impressed.
#21 Nicolle
She is an amazing dancer! What grace for such a young lady! Wow! Very impressed!
#20 Destined for the Worldwide Stage
Nicolle has what it takes to bring dance to life as the music flows through her every movement and gesture. Here we see her use all of the space in a room. We can only imagine how many lives she will touch and inspire through her gifted performances on stages around the world. This is truly what the future of ballet looks like.!.! Wish you every success as you continue to share your wonderful gift with the world. CONGRATULATIONS.!.!
Jak będziesz dalej tak pięknie tańczła,osiągniesz ogromną sławę,a nas w mieście Twoich radziców i dziadków będzie rozpirała duma. - Twoja największa fanka

Nicolle Twój taniec wzbudza zachwyt.Jesteś piękna i utalentowana.Powodzenia w dalszej drodze do osiągnięcia celu.- Małgorzata Górska
#17 007Warsaw
Taniec Przepiękny !!!! Pozdrawiam Nicolle !!!!
#16 Nicolle
Very beautiful and graceful.
#15 Future Pawlowa has been born !
What a refreshing to see the joy of the dance on the face of the young and already so accomplished dancer. Great piece, fabulous dancing that shows the big heart and passion for the art of classical dance..BRAVO!!
#14 Michelangelo Flow
Wow,she's so graceful. Anyone can learn the steps (well, anyone who puts in years of hard work) but I think that kind of grace is inborn. Also - are her arms exceptionally long, or is it the way she moves them that gives them that Michelangelo flow? All she needs is the right environment to live up to her self-evident potential. - Austin Washington

#13 Outstanding!
Remarkable!! A Very Bright Future Indeed!!
#12 Brilliant!
Excellent in All Phases!!
#11 wonderful
Hello beautiful ballet dancer You gave an excellent performance. I'm sure you enjoy to dance... it shows! Go on and take our breath away.. Greetings Adelinde
#10 Bravo!
Such a wonderful talented girl.... You are a true symphony yourself. Thank you for this performance. I've enjoyed it so much! Greetings, Jolanda
#9 Very Talented
What a lovely performance. Enjoyed every second of it. Nicolle is so graceful and moves effortlessly! Loved it

#8 Adorable
What a beautiful routine! She is so amazing, graceful and gorgeous!
#7 Nicole
Enjoyed watching her perform from the beginning to the last beat. Talent unfolding, would love to her future in the ballet.
#6 nicolles dance
I really enjoyed Nicolle performance, as a gymnast myself I understand the dedication it takes to gracefully perform a strenuous routine with the objection of making it all seem very effortless as did Nicolle. She moved very gracefully & fluently with the music as she effortlessly glided throughout her routine with perfect form & posture and with her smiling face made it all look so simple just like that of a professional ballerina. Bravo
#5 Nicolle,s performance
She dances with personality...she flows with the music while adding grace moves with her arms. She's a Dancer...Not a Robot. And her facial expressions show that she enjoys the stage and the art of Ballet! Bravo!!!!!!
#4 Beautiful Grace
Such a joy to watch. She makes it look so easy - obviously a God given gift to this young girl. She dances from her heart. Lovely.

#3 Talent and grace
What a charming experience! Talent, charm and grace. Beautifully done from A-Z. BRAVO !!
#2 A very dear talented ballerina
Very beautifully executed piece. The ballet music moves with her performance seamlessly. Simply beautiful .
#1 Adorable
Simple elegance. Beautiful!
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