Contemporary piece reflecting the state of unknown bliss. New beginnings are an essential part of life. Doors close and new ones open. We must walk forward courageously into the unknown trusting in our new found path. Instability is essential for our growth. Beginning anew is essential to our inner piece and happiness. We must embrace our life journey. Life is a beautiful struggle. Choreographer: Christina Digiuseppe Dancers: Alyssa Petrolo, Sydney McManus, Kelly Johnson, Samara Tong, Nicole Paggiossi, Patricia Lunardo, Mackenzie Carlson, Chantelle Mostacho, Kalene Jeans, Sacha Lank, Rakheem Hardy, Darian Mark

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2015
Category: Performance
Keywords: Contemporary bliss Christina Digiuseppe Toronto Canada
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Overall rating: 3.0
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