Sacred Fire (Kaitlyn Salisbury age:11)

This is an open routine of an 11 year old girl. Enjoy!!!

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#7 nicely done.
you were totally into your dance and focused. I agree withsome of the other comments, i cant believe your only 11 with such confidence in yourself. i loved the kind of arabesque with the flexed foot at the beginning. well done!
I really like that! You had great facial expressions. You could tell you really enjoyed it! Fantastic job! :)
#5 Outstanding
Great job!! I remember it well. Choreography was beautiful and the teacher was outstanding.
#4 Fantastic!
my best compliments to the teacher and coreographer as well!!!!
#3 Fabulous!
Two snaps up in a circle, girl!!!! That was smokin! Your transitions were amazing. Good work!!

I am a dancer myself and this was GREAT clean and well done!!! Great leaps!!! beutiful scopian (sp?) Woth the leg straight! And great facial exceprecians!!!
#1 wow!
This is so clean, sharp, and maturely done! Excellent work, especially for being only 11! :)
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