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This piece gets a little intense. 2014 was a lot, not only for me, but for everyone around the world. I wanted this piece to be used as an outlet to let go of all the frustrations, hate, and bad karma that 2014 brought out of people this year and take all the positivity with me moving forward into 2015! A lot of people will try to tell you what they think is best for you and sometimes we get caught up in trying to please everyone around us, except for the person that matters the most. Ourselves. If I cannot love myself, how can I love another? Not in an egotistical way, but in a "love yourself for who you are" way. I am so critical of my own dancing when I watch others dance, that I often make excuses to myself why I shouldn't dance. But that is not who I am; I am a person who attacks my own fears. This song really spoke to me. I didn't just want to create a "dance piece", but I wanted to create something that people could feel and understand; thats when Rick Wayne and I got together. Add an abandoned church and the streets of the Financial District in Chicago, Illinois and this is the result! I hope you enjoy this piece. If you like it please share with someone. I wish to help at least one person move forward into 2015 with positivity only, and that the negative weight from 2014 will be lifted off your shoulders. It's ok to get knocked down, as long as you keep fighting and believe! Don't bring your 2014 Problems into 2015! Have a new mindset to do new things in 2015. Work hard in silence, and let success make the noise! Be better today than you were yesterday; be better tomorrow than you are today. Happy New Year 2015! Please watch my first dance film of the year! Kendrick Lamar - i - #FreeYourDance

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