Contemporary with Brice Mousset

Brice Mousset, a French dancer and choreographer currently on faculty at NYC’s Broadway Dance Center, teaches two eight-counts from a contemporary routine to Evanescence’s “My Immortal.”

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#7 oh
and what is contemporary? its modern. you have contractions all over the place. and you use a parallel first. thats modern.
#6 like it!
i like it! you explained it really slowly. you have a beautiful back. try to extend your movement a little bit longer to make it more spectacular. amazing job!
#5 nice
i love this style of dancing now and of course the song is great.
#4 love<3
i lovelove the coreography i would love to see the next few counts of eight! :)
I love this video. He's so good. I wish I knew the whole thing and so I could preform it. I love this song! I wish we had the whole thing.

#2 love this teacher's style!
would love to see the next 24 counts!!! song is awesome and Brice's style is beautiful. will definitely check out his class when i'm in nyc.
#1 um...
It's really dark in the video so i cound only see your silhouette. But the choreagragphy looked great!
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