Addison Moffett - "LATCH" Choreography - Alexa Moffett

Addison Moffett "Latch" Choreography by Alexa Moffett Club Dance Studio in Mesa, AZ.

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Overall rating: 4.9
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Simply AMAZING!! Such a talented young lady! <3
#9 ily addy
omg addy this is so good! i hope you win, you deserve it <3
#8 ❤️Addy❤️
Dear addy, you probably won't see this but your amazing . You seem like a hilarious person that puts friends first and knows how to have fun.You inspire so many people and your achievements are through the roof. I hope one day I see you on Broadway or performing an an incredible stage because trust me, I want to be 1rst row in that show🎉
#7 100% Winner
Addison - you're the best! Top of the mark! In a scale of 1-5 you are a 5! No doubts - congrats!
#6 Latch/Addison Moffett/Alexa Moffett
control and strength,the control and movement are just point on Addison. Alexa's Choreography is awesume. Beautiful, just beautiful. Super team

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#4 wow!
She should definitely win!!
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#2 dont know how to vote
Cant figure out how to vote 😞 if so one could plz help me to figure out how to vote plz 😊 Also have a good day lol 😜😜😜😜 well plz help 😜💚💜💙💛🙊🙉🙈👍🙌👋👌
#1 Not sure how to vote...
Don't see anything that specifically says "vote"
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