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Every relationship has its peaks and valleys. This short film is inspired by the narrative of the movie "Beyond The Lights." Our story is that of two young people who can not seem to find solid ground in their relationship. This stems from the woman's inability to fully accept herself for what she is. Everybody seems to think they know what's best for her. The man represents the negativity in her life. Light is blinding. It takes courage to go blindly into the dark. It takes even more courage to accept your own destiny, especially when you can not see what is ahead. This piece is about self acceptance, and taking a stand for your own future. Directed/Edited by: Eli Difiore & Tyler Osika Produced by: Robbie Mosher Choreography by: Robbie Mosher Assisstant Choreography by: Gina Menichino Cinematography by: Eli Difiore & Tyler Osika Starring: Robbie Mosher & Gina Menichino

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